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Who are you?
  • A Torontonian with a perpetual itch to travel, share, and meet new people
  • A clumsy lover of all sports, food, and good company 
  • An amateur in the kitchen, but I like to play. I'm learning the basics, and I enjoy posting about my quirky eating habits. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? From showing my friends how to peel mangoes to obsessively perfecting a cookie, I love to share. Many of my posts are dedicated to friends who ask me questions. I'm slowly learning how to cook and I know others are too. One of my most popular posts is me simply baking a pear - no frills. Basic, boring, and accessible - now that's something worth sharing.
  • Why "Cookies & Tomatoes"?
How should I use your site?
  • Check out the Food Map. The embedded version is nice for quick browsing, the larger version is better for seeing a list of my reviews, as well as favourites and disappointments. Also includes placemarks for restaurants that I've visited since my first post, but haven't reviewed.
  • The side bars include:
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  • If you've tried a place and have an opinion, please share in the comments section. Or if you're shy, feel free to contact me. However, everyone will benefit from your thoughts :-)
Who do you eat with?
  • Friends and family. I'm truly lucky to be surrounded with open-minded and hungry people. People have been very receptive to my idea of sharing and trying all sorts of dishes.
Are you hungry right now?

What's so great about food?
Food is an experience that's worth sharing, and it's a lot of fun!
Why not sample from my dish? I want you try some.
Why not take a meal that you tried at a restaurant and see if you can recreate it at home? I bet it's easier than you think.
Why not be inventive and throw random ingredients together? The kitchen is your playground.

I am not fancy. I have no expertise. I make no claim that my opinion is better than yours. I love learning and new experiences. I'm just an average girl who loves to share, and I use this site to express anything that relates to food. Whether I'm learning to steam artichokes, eating a burrito, or making a strange yogurt-based sandwich - it's all fun fun fun. And that's what food should be about.


Melissa said...

Ah, I've seen you taken my advice with a contact page? =)

Scott McLean said...

Awesome blog Erin! Really....I'm literally in awe.

Richard said...

Hi Erin,
Not sure if you were aware of Cora's past problems with sanitation and pest control. Hopefully they have cleaned up their act.

Visit the city of Toronto's Dine Safe web site. Link is

Well just wanted to let you know in case you didn't.

Erin said...

Hey Richard,
Several people tipped me off about that after reading my post. I just checked, and they were fined quite recently - 2010-09-20! For several offenses. Thanks for letting me know, I'll move this to the related post

Sam said...

Hey Erin,

Love your blog, really nicely done. Keep up the good work.

(Couch Surfing)

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