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Some photo comparisons of dishes I've tried in's too bad that I didn't take pictures of all my ice cream & burrito blitzes! This will just be a casual, fun little drop box.

If I didn't take a picture (I'm quite forgetful!), I won't add it to the comparison list unless if I return or someone kindly takes a picture for me (and I've tried it already, of course)

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Eggs Benedict
French Toast
Ice Cream
Pork Kabobs (Greek)

Etsu, $8.99 (lunch)
Dolsut Bibimbap
Better rice, light on the sesame oil
Hana Korea, $7.99 ($6.99 Wed) (lunch)
Dolsut Bibimbap
More flavour, less $


Wish, $15 w fries
Lamb Burger
Bad bun, Cumin-y goodness
W Burger Bar, $11.25 w fries
Pure Beef Burger
Best value - Good, messy burger.
Grindhouse, $9
Bison Burger
Best taste - medium-rare, juicy, although small

Origin Burger

 Beef Burger
Curried horrible-ness

Dangerous Dan's Diner, $23.95 w shake & poutine
24oz of Epic Burger
Bad burger - just a gimmick


Burrito Loco, $5.60 small, $6.70 large
Chicken Burrito
Decent & Cheap
Burrito Boyz, $8.85 small, $9.73 large
Halibut Burrito (Chicken is $5.97)
Better: Open late, fresh ingredients, tasty
Sweet Smoke, $9
Flat Iron Steak Burrito
Best steak burrito I've tried!

Wish, $13
Not great
Mezes, $18.95 w salad & potatoes
Yoso-Call Joso's, $20-30 with the tiger shrimp? (can't remember)
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wanda's Pie in the Sky
Fully Loaded Cookie
Yum! 2nd place
Orange Alert, $2.19
Crazy Cookie
Not so crazy about it
Sage Café
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Nice chocolate chunks, good crunchy cookie if that's what you want.

Tim Horton's Smile Cookie, $1
Chocolate Smile Cookie for SickKids
Warm, soft, proceeds for worthy charity, good for the soul
Little Nicky's Coffee $2
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sweeter, crispier cookie
Te Aro, $1.60
  Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie
Just liked the sea salt addition.

Kensington Natural Bakery, $1
Rice Chocolate Chip Cookie
Smooth, crumbly, yummy
Le Gourmand, $2 + tax & tip
  Walnut Chocolate Chip
Win Win WIN!!!


Art Square, $8.50
Very Berry
Thumbs down!
Cafe Crepe, ~$8
Nutella, banana, strawberry
Marginally better
Krepesz, $7
Nutella Banana
Fresh, crispy, chocolately goodness. Best dish and deal!

Part of my DT Donut Delve Series 
Frank, AGO $10
Mini Donut & Espresso Mousse
Stale donut :(
Little Nicky's Coffee $4/dozen
Mini Donuts, made to order
Yum - fresh & delicious..great deal
Hoof Cafe $5
Bone Marrow Beignets - Strawberry & Long Pepper Jelly
Drool - delicious, decadent, delightful
Pancho's Bakery, $5 for 4
Chocolate-filled Churro. Caramel and strawberry are also available
Fresh, hot, cinnamon, & sugar!
Eggs Benny

Mill St. Brewery, $9 w fruit or potatoes
Eggs Charlotte
Insomnia, $11.50 w greens & potatoes
Eggs Charlotte
Tasty Potatoes
Insomnia, $10 w greens & potatoes
Eggs Manami
Better - curried rice patties
Hoof Cafe, $13 w salad & rinds
Suckling Pig Eggs Benedict
Best Yolk! Overall Winner
Le Petit Dejeuner, $12.95
Eggs Veronique + Peameal Bacon
Best Hollandaise, lovely veggies
Beast, $14
Pork Belly Benny
Not bad but pricey & overcooked :(

El Gordo
Best pastry
Chorizo w Cheese
Yummy - great hot sauce & chimmichurri
Jumbo Empanada
Good, Classic, & Filling
French Toast

Kalendar, $10.95 w potatoes + $3 for sausage
Banana & mango stuffed French Toast
Insomnia, $10.50
Heaven on Earth

Hoof Cafe, $12 + $14 for Foie Gras
Foie Gras French Toast

Ice Cream
The Big Chill
Dark Choco Peanut Butter & Funky Chunky Choco
Best waffle cone
Dolce Gelato
Dolce Rocher & Amaretto Win
Best gelato in Toronto!
Chocolate, strawberry, Oreo, Coffee Crisp
Favourite peanut butter + dark choco combination in the city
Light & Fruity

Sweet Fantasies
Strawberry & Peanut Butter Chocolate
Thumbs down Waffle cone
Summer's Sweet Memories
Pistachio & Hazelnut
Best strawberry ice cream!

Foot-long Ice Cream
Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
8 flavours of yummm..

Pork Kabobs (Greek)
Astoria, $3
Zorba's Shish Kebob House, $3

T&T Supermarket
Quick & cheap
Louis Meat Market ($4)


desiretoacquire said...

OMG... I wish I'd never found your blog. love love love all the pics and can't wait to try out all your bests in person. keep up the great work!

Erin said...

Thanks :) I hope you try and love them as much as I do!

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