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Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Zealand :: Taupo

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IMG_9598 IMG_9606
Great time in Taupo. Well, any day that I jump 15,000 feet (and live) is a great day. Skydiving is highly addictive! If I had more funds, I would not hesitate to make this a regular past time.

IMG_9831“Are you nervous?” – tandem guy

“Can we do flips in the air?” – me

“She’s not nervous.” – video-guy

Woosh! I thought I’d be nervous at the last second – but I surprised myself. Of course, being tandem was a huge part of that! I eagerly gave him the thumbs up and we rolled out of the plane…the ground rushing towards us was definitely a different view than I get from the plane!
Taupo seemed to be a pretty popular stop for outdoor sport-loving tourists. It was the perfect pit stop on our way to Tongariro National Park for our hike.

We grabbed some ice cream (o-m-g macadamian ice cream...I have yet to find one that rivals it here) from Kaffee Eis and explored a bit of the town after diving – it’s a small town that thrives off of tourism. I was reminded of the patterned sewer drains in Japan when I spotted the angler theme in Taupo and I started to itch to go fishing…

IMG_9608 IMG_3053 IMG_9610
McDonalds have different offerings in different countries…I’ve seen McWings, Shrimp Burgers, McLobsters…but the airplane was a surprise :-) I guess this is how they catered to the local population!
While we were diving, J explored the area and found a thermal stream that we hopped into after awhile. Perfect spot to watch the sun go down before heading back to the campsite.

IMG_9619 IMG_9603
I hope the Princess found her camera:
Our funny late-night dinner. Instant noodles boiled with corn.

Don't judge. I'd rather jump out of a sky than have a fancy meal!


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Erin said...

yes definitely!

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