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Monday, July 2, 2012

Houston :: Lola, Amy, and Erin

With only a day left in Texas, but exhausted from the night before, I was glad to have a day of just random exploring. I was lucky to have some locals with me – not entirely sure how transit friendly the city was but the highway system was something in itself. Giant is an understatement. We had breakfast at Lola – just cause I felt like clogging my poor arteries just a little more…breakfast there was no joke. Heavy, creamy – tasty but definitely sleep inducing:
Houston (4) Houston (3)
Houston (2) Houston (1)

I ordered the Lump Crab with Truffled Asparagus Toast with Spinach and Eggs. I was initially confused by truffled asparagus toast – but it turned out to be a spread. The hollandaise sauce was a little hard-core…my goodness it was a rich rich brunch. My brunch buddies enjoyed their steak ‘n’ eggs and skillet – the biscuits with hamburger gravy just pushed it over the edge. My poor poor heart…you need a vacation.

Great brunch and space, but not for those who are watching what they eat!
Houston (50) Houston (51) Houston (5)

From there, we wandered a bit and saw some random sights – from a petting zoo complete with a giant tortoise to some art at the Museum of Fine Arts.
Houston (6) Houston (10) Houston (7)

Intense potluck took over the night…
Houston (15) Houston (19) Houston (16)
Homemade cornbread, chicken pot pie, and preserves straight from with Grandma’s pantry!!

And some not-so-homemade food…
Houston (18) Houston (20) Someone insisted that this was included in the pictures:Houston (17)

After one last run on the spaghetti highway, we stopped at Amy’s ice cream for a last treat…it was so hot that it promptly melted!! It's more or less another MarbleSlab - good for a quick treat
Houston (40) Houston (13) Houston (12)
Great city, great people, great fun!! Thanks Houston…you haven’t seen the last of me! :-)

PS – Yellow Cab = worst taxi service ever. And I mean ever ever ever. Considering that I take 4 cabs a week all over the place, that’s a pretty strong statement. 40 minutes late, was told every time I called at their GPS indicated that a cab was only a ‘mile away’. Thanks for the 7 hour stint at the airport! And a lost bag! And for snapping at me on the phone! >___<

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Kids Dentist said...

How many major cities are left for you to visit in Texas? I feel like I'm the one who's getting excited for your next trip. All that good food, culture, people, places and everything in between are things that make up your day no matter how tiring it would be. Texas maybe hasn't seen the last of you.

gluten free products said...
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Erin said...

None! I had hopes of going to San Antonio and Austin but my Texas trip was cut short :( Sad Panda.

Pediatric Dentist said...

Wow! Yes, I also love to visit some Texas cities too. How's the temperature there? When do you think is the best time to visit? I don't know anyone living there but I love to travel and this state is included to my travel list. Thanks

Erin said...

It was pretty hot in July and August. I went there in October last year and it was nice, so that seemed like a good time to visit :)

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