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Friday, June 15, 2012

Toronto :: Arrrrrepas!

Yum. Arepas satisfy my love affair with meat wrapped in carbs. And Arepa Cafe can serve it with a kick – their hot sauce is great! The perfect sammy for Queen West wanderings. I usually grab one to go – the service is nice and friendly, and are happy to accommodate substitutes or additions (the latter usually being avocado). Anyway, this place has been around forever and has long been a staple go-to spot for locals – great for a quick bite if you’re in the area!


I’ve tried and enjoyed the Reina, shredded chicken and avocado, as well as the Octopus (pictured below). I’ve become an avocado addict, so I added some on there – yum!


I’ve recently started to try Yoga @ Downward Dog. With my crazy travel schedule, I often feel too exhausted on the weekends to do my old running regime – but I need to exercise! I find it much harder to motivate myself to finish a 10km run than to get to the studio – at which point, I’m trapped in a room for an hour to finish a class. I’ve been loving it because it’s the right amount of challenge, the instructors have been super friendly and helpful, and I end up feeling sore afterwards…a feeling that I love because that means that I had a good workout!

Now that I am spending so much time in the US, and I’m well past the 1-year-of-ridiculous-travelling mark, I think that if classes are what motivate me, it’s worthwhile to invest in some. Spinning, yoga, pilates…I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities! I still stress eat (not with arepas – I consider the things I post in blogs treats!! It’s the behind-the-scenes snacking that’s gotten me in trouble lately) but I think my mind just needs a good, clean distraction. Self-motivation aint going so well lately…but classes might be a step up, because someone else will be kickin’ my butt. Literally, if I take up muay thai.

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Gary said...

This is a cool place with nice people but the actual arepas have never really done it for me... I always have a vague feeling they could taste better, but I've never had any others to compare them to! And I guess 3ish years qualifies as "around forever" in the current TO food scene, though I still fondly remember it as the original location of Tequila Bookworm and then Just Us cafe -- and I'm not that old yet :) Keep on eating and blogging!

Erin said...

Really? Man, I've been noshing on these forever. They're the perfect movie snack - small enough to be stashed in my purse mmm :-)

I haven't seen updates from you lately!! I hope all is well - keep on painting and blogging! ;)

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