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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

San Diego :: Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre (2)
Always a good time in San Diego :-) W always makes a point to cram some food food in every visit, this being no exception! Lucha Libre was one our must-hit list for the weekend, and it didn't disappoint!

Since it was featured on Man vs. Food, I expected a crazy-intense experience from Lucha Libre. I have actually never seen the show (stop judging!), but from what I heard I thought that anything featured on that show would be a  beeline to my first heart attack.

It turns out that it was a pre-challenge foodie showcase, phew! With big burritos served in frisbees and a dedicated booth for champions in Mexican wrestling masks, StrongBad would feel right at home. The menu was pretty expansive, but W insisted that anything other than the Surfin' California would be a mistake and sharing was NOT an option :Þ

Surfin' California 
Grilled Steak, Shrimp, Fresh French Fries, Avocado, Pico De Gallo, Cheese, & Super Secret Chipotle
Lucha Libre (1)
I normally get fish burritos and fish tacos (no secret there...) but this time I went for a surf 'n' turf flavour - with a side of guac. Mmm. Despite my friend's insistence that it is what truly made it awesome, I didn't care much for the fries - but the steak was deee-lish :-). I rarely get steak burritos because I find that the steak is generally overdone, but this was definitely an exception.

I poked more and more guac into my burrito to satisfy my avocado-tooth. Burritos came out fast, food was great, and even though it was super busy it wasn't hard to grab a spot to sit since most people seemed to be grabbing and going.

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Your visits from city to city surely satisfies you and your gang. The taco shop is actually highly recommended for visitors and tourists alike. Did you have thoughts on taking down the house specialties? In the future maybe?

Erin said...

In the future...:) Any recommendations?

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