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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

San Diego :: Fish Taco Obsession Continued...

Only fitting that the first thing I grabbed in San Diego was a fish taco...

Picked up my morning treat from a random little shop near W's apartment...I was just wandering down the street when I spotted the fish sign out front – I immediately thought of fish tacos and was delighted to find that The Fish Joint was full of them :-)

I grabbed a grilled halibut taco along with the soup filled with fish and octopus. Yum! Quick, cheap, fish tacos – I constantly dream of having these at work…why can’t there be a fish taco truck parked outside of my office? Yumm

The next day, after a round of Shamu and sea lions, we headed to Pacific beach for more fish tacos at Oscar's Mexican Seafood. By the way, since when do armadillos fit into Seaworld?! I actually detest zoos (I find the caged animals eery and depressing) but I’ll admit that it was super cute to see them running around and tossing dirt in the air as they furiously dug holes:
IMG_1524 IMG_1525
IMG_1531 IMG_1526 IMG_1529

We also watched a couple of shows, saw belugas bob in and out of the water, and took in a view of San Diego…and W got his usual churro fix :P
Oscar’s Mexican Seafood was even better than the Fish Joint. We took a quick stroll down Pacific Beach before noshing on Ceviche and Fish Tacos!! Definitely recommend stopping by if you’re by Pacific Beach – be wary of long waits. A group was keen, and called in a order of 20 tacos – argh! I appreciate that it’s all made-to-order and fresh, but we were definitely wishing we got there a few minute earlier – we were the first ones behind the giant order. Ah well – when you’re super hungry, food seems to taste much better anyway:
IMG_1533 IMG_1534
love love love fish tacos!!!
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PediatricDentist said...

Honestly, I haven't tried any fish tacos or burritos yet but you seem to love and enjoy it very well. You're photos are nice and inviting especially for the food. Any recommendations for fish taco or burrito for starters?

Erin said...

I like meaty white fish - halibut, barrimundi, marland - with fresh avocado!! Very simple and addictive.

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