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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Louisville :: Red Hot Harvest!

Harvest (4) RHCP
Throw back to the 90s! When I heard that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were going to be in Louisville, I decided it would be a great chance to stay in the city for the weekend, see a band that I love, love loved in high school, and go in the infamous KFC Yum! building (infamous because I saw it every morning when crossing the bridge from Indiana and it was often in view from high buildings. It was a lot of fun – I’ll admit that I’ve lost touch with their newer music, but they definitely excited the crowd with the classics – The Zephyr Song, By the Way, Californication, Under the Bridge, Give it Away, Scar Tissue…the old school roster. The best moment was when they pulled out a cuica – it looks like a drum, but it makes a squeaky honky noise when rubbed. It was unexpected – and it definitely quieted the crowd for a bit before they broke loose from the humming to go to handstands and intense strumming.

I’ve been frequenting Harvest for dinner – the first time I wandered in, I unexpectedly found myself in Louisville on a Thursday night and I needed a good walk away from work. I noticed Harvest before, when walking to a baseball game and I was keen on trying it out! I had a pleasant dinner at the bar and made a note to return for Derby :-)

Farm to Table...local, seasonable, delicious!

Harvest Steak
braised greens, bourbon-dijon jus, shoestring potatoes
Harvest (5)
This is one of those moments where I really should've used my actual camera instead of my phone - but you can still see the lovely job on the steak! Perfect, tasty, soft...mmm...the flavour was fantastic.

Herb Ricotta Gnocchi
spring vegetable ragout, mushroom jus, fennel butter, grilled blue dog bread
Harvest (2)
Okay - I'll concede. The presentation is terrible. But cover your eyes, and if you look refrain from thinking of geese (I suppose you'll likely think of them now, if you've read this), and take a bite. Let me know what you think :-). The broth is what makes it great - I'll go ahead and pretend that it's not full of butter - but I'm not certain if you can really call it gnocchi as it's been seared, and has a much firmer texture than expected. My favourite gnocchi experiences involve fluffy, melt-in-your mouth potato clouds. I found it a tad salty and the texture reminded me of Polish dumplings. I'm not saying that it wasn't good - just sayin' that it wasn't gnocchi.

House Greens
asiago crisp, sunny side egg*, pretzel crostini, cracklins, spicy basil vinaigrette
Harvest (4)
A simple salad on the side, I was craving a sunny yellow organic egg (damn you Australia for ruining North American eggs!) It was nice, but not something I'd be particularly craving to order again.

Crispy Pork Confit
pickled jalapeƱo-bacon grits, grilled asparagus, smoked onion jus
Harvest (6)
I never liked grits until I got to Louisville! The pork was a tad salty, but when eaten with the grits (which I suppose it ought to be) it was not an issue at all! In fact, the flavour mingled so well with the grits that it was the perfect combination. What doesn't go with grits?

Bourbon Bread Pudding
Harvest (7)
I love bread pudding. I love bourdon. This was so. so. SO. good. Wonderfully warm and pleasant...with pecans hidden here and there...we didn't leave a single bite!

I'm a big fan of Harvest. It's within walking distance of the downtown core, so it's after-work friendly and the decor is warm. The walls are lined with photos of the farmers as well as a map! I'll have to take and post a picture the next time I go. Friendly service and good food - my friend was also tickled when she recognized Jennifer Goodwin dining next to us. Not having owned cable for over 10 years or interested in celeb-gossip, I had no idea who she was :-).

I'll happily add this to my Must Try in Louisville list!*

Harvest Restaurant on Urbanspoon

* Hm! Not a bad idea...maybe something to do in the future


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