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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Louisville :: Ghyslain

Ghyslain-003 Ghyslain-002

On my way to Ghyslain, I thought of a few play on words. Unfortunately, all of the words that immediately came to mind were: Slain, Disdain, Wane, Hein, Stain, Refrain, Plain, Bane…well, you get the idea. Ominous?

I was thoroughly disappointed. Ghyslain was highly recommended by a the lovely J so I was looking forward to a fresh sandwich or salad. Since I was guilty of demolishing 2 big tins of nuts that week (don't get me started on that regret), I really wanted something fresh, simple, and green. I ordered the Niçoise salad, thinking about about the fabulous bowl from Boulevard Cafe in Toronto, on Harbord St.

It was pricier than my go-to salad at Dish, so I was hoping for a great salad. I was deilghted when I saw it come out:

It looked full of delicious and fresh greens, exactly what I wanted! Sadly, it was quite disappointing. The red peppers preserves were too sour, overcooked fish (sad!), a very unripe piece of avocado with skin still left one were awful finds in the bowl. The tuna was the biggest offender of the night, and it's really too bad that they just didn't use fresh red pepper. The lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and olives were fine. Overall, the dish was not up to Louisville standards.

Would I return? Only if a work function called for it. At which time, I’ll be sure to order one of their sandwiches in hopes of some sort of improvement. I'm sorry Ghyslain, I really wanted to love you!

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