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Monday, June 11, 2012

Houston :: Saucers, Steak, ‘n’ Shootouts

Houston (45)
Houston (4) Houston (33) Houston (24)
Texas! Why are you called The Lone Star State? Is it because you’re like a nation on your own? I found that it felt like an independent country on it’s own as it was so unique. Well, truthfully – as I travel more and more around US cities, I’m finding that the culture definitely shifts from city to city – and I’m loving it!

Houston (21)
After travelling from Dallas to Houston, T, D, & I ended up crashing at R’s unique and wonderful warehouse-turned-home. A carpenter by trade, he has the most unique living spaces that I’ve encountered – completely customized to his liking. Posters, statues, lighting – everything about it has character and a story. Thanks so much for letting us crash with you!

Houston (27)After imparting some Canadian flavour (a la Canadian Club and stubbornly spelling everything with a a u), we headed to Flying Saucer for some local Texan brews and hang outs. Throughout the night, we did a ‘Metro Rail Pub Crawl’, hitting Tacos A Go-Go in between drinks at Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge. I was lucky enough to meet up with K, who I met in Sydney! What are the chances?
Houston (26) Houston (28)

How many visits to the US will it take for my obsession with tacos to subside? I had the pork guisada and al pastro (GASP! No fish taco this time…Texas called for more of a meaty option!) while T enjoyed her tamale.
Houston (24) Houston (25)

The next morning after a hearty taco breakfast at Brother’s Taco House in R’s giant van (yes, obsession), I headed to a shooting range. Yum, these tacos were even better! It felt pretty random, in the middle of an area full of warehouses with a huge line-up, crawling out of the door. R knew exactly where to swing his van and the tacos were cheap, tasty, and spicy! Regardless, it moved quick and it was worth it!

Houston (29) Houston (31)

I shot a glock once in South Korea – but rifles are a whole other story! R had a slew of guns to try… thanks so much for taking us out! Houston was very hospitable and folks were happy to show me how to load ‘n’ shoot ;). We went to Academy Sports, and I even managed to hit a bullseye (well, I was bound to hit one at some point…).
Houston (33) Houston (38) Houston (36)
I asked R what we shot – and here’s the round-up: AR15, Ruger 10/22, Gewehr 98, Mosin Nagant 91/30 PU sniper rifle, and XD9.

After an afternoon of pew-pewing, we headed to Taste of Texas for some classic steak. Perhaps I was playing to all of the Texan stereotypes – guns, good Mexican, and steak all in one day – but hey…when in Texas!

Houston (47)
Houston (46) Houston (48) Houston (44)
My picky-on-cheese stomach turned a bit at the sight of giant blocks of cheese, but the salad bar was decent and we started with a crab cake…

The locals were amused when the waitress came out and gave K and I red bandanas to welcome the international visitors…
Houston (42) Houston (43) Houston (45)
Houston (49)We finished the night off at Shady’s Tavern for drinks, crazy costumes, good vibes, and a giant game of Jenga – which I thought was pretty jokes! Definitely on my list of things to bring the next time I go car-camping…kindling and entertainment all in one! (Definitely not an item to bring on my regular camping trips though – portaging that would be brutal)

Half outdoors and half indoors – it’s perfect for nights out, complete with fire pit...Houston, I'm a fan! It was a fun night of cowboy hats, toppling wooden blocks, meeting new people, and getting a taste of Texas!

  Taste of Texas on UrbanspoonFlying Saucer Draught Emporium on UrbanspoonFlying Saucer Draught Emporium on UrbanspoonBrothers Taco House on Urbanspoon


Kids Dentist said...

It's really fun to enjoy each country or state's culture when it comes to entertainment and food. You've almost enjoyed everything the state has to offer, we're you able to enjoy their Tejano music too at those bars you've visited?

Erin said...

I don't think so! Shall I put that on my 'must do' list for my next trip to Texas?? :) I have yet to visit San Antonio!

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