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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Toronto :: Crispy.Porky.Sandwiches!

<3 Toronto
Mornings like this remind me why calling Toronto home will always make me smile. I've started training again. It took a year since I recognized that I need to fix that about myself for me to wake myself up to actually make a priority. I took this photo from a struggle-filled run one morning in Toronto - I'm proud to say that I have run and finished a 10km run since then under an hour. But this run was important to me because it made me give some serious thought about where and when I should set my roots. And to a certain extent...if.

I love travelling - that's not news to anyone. It's been over a year and a half since I've started to live out of suitcases and backpacks, perpetually snatching any chance I could get to explore. I guess you could call it an obsession. (Okay, not could. It is.)

Lately, however, I've been wishing that I had a place - a constant place - to call home when I go back on the weekends. Shared housing, rentals, and living with parents have worked in the past - but I'm at a point where I just want my own space and privacy. My home.

#2 on my Must-Do list is Live in somewhere new on my own for at least 6 months. I would be satisfied adjusting this to Travel for at least 1 year. Not sure where I'd go - it'd very much depend on timing - but South America is pretty high up on that list. I'd love to do nothing but hike in the mountains and explore the cultures down there for months on end!

There are so many questions that have been running through my mind...
A) Do I invest in property in Toronto? Will this discourage me from leaving and travelling? Do I want to deal with renting if I'll be overseas?
B) Can I gun for a transfer (or new job) overseas? Living in Europe would help satisfy my wanderlust...but I really love my current job
C) Should I focus on work, then put the career on hold for a 1-year adventure? Can I wait another 2-3 years?

Grown up decisions...!

Anyway, on to the Crispy. Porky. SANDWICHES!

I ended up in Trinity Bellwoods with a few girlfriends to try Porchetta & Co's fabled sammies. I loooove sandwiches. Well, in general I love anything that is wrapped in carbohydrates and can be eaten with your hands. Yum. Anyway, mustard sauce, mushrooms, and some hot peppers on the side - Porchetta makes a simple, mean pork sandwich. What takes it from good to droolworthy memory are the crispy, cracklin' bits that go on top of the roasted pork shoulder wrapped with prosciutto that's been wrapped with pork belly. In other words, it's pork wrapped in pork wrapped in pork. S, you'd be in heaven!

The Ciabatta bun with the mustard was the perfect surrounding to the salty, porky, cracklin' goodness. Only recommend if the jalapeño peppers if you're like me, and just like munching on them ;-). They don't do much for the sandwich.

Finished the night with another eat-with-your-hands & wrapped-in-carb treat -  a crepe from the House of Jaffle, found along a series of little pop-up spots along Dundas West. Is it happening? Is Toronto really starting to get some street food? I can't wait for more!

More yummy pictures*:

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