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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Louisville :: Sol Aztecas, Mexican in the 'South'

My first trip to Kentucky! What did I know about the state other than the Derby, bourbon, and Colonel Sanders about the 'South'*

Chicken Tortilla Soup - sour cream, pico de gallo, and yummm
On my first night in Louisville, we headed to Sol Aztecas, a popular Mexican chain, for some fish tacos and their homemade soup. I've also tried the beef tips and burrito - no pictures. The food there is decent - but the soup is what makes it money. Homey and comforting, the chicken tortilla soup is addictive and I can't help but get a cup on the side of every meal.
Addicted to fish tacos

I'm always a fan of fish's an obsession! Whether I'm in Toronto, San Diego, or Kentucky - I just really love fresh fish tacos. Bonus points if I can get some avocado on there too, and mega-bonus points if it comes from a truck!

The next night, I decided to maintain the Mexican theme by ordering fish tacos at Bluegrass Brewing Company (BBC) - terrible gin but tasty fish tacos. Yum! Granted, you don't go to BBC for the gin - but for beer and a great patio :-)

The seafood has been super here - was not expecting to find fresh fish (from sashimi-grade to fish taco worthy) in Kentucky!

Looking forward to more Louisville explorations...

*'South' because I keep getting a mixture of amused and annoyed looks when I refer to Louisville as the 'South'. I thought anything south of the Ohio River was considered 'the South'. My excuse: I'm from Toronto and it's all relative! :þ

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Sol Aztecas Mexican Grill and Cantina (W Main) on Urbanspoon Bluegrass Brewing Company (Main/3rd) on Urbanspoon


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