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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kentucky :: Elephants Walk in Louisville

Sunny afternoons call for patios, salads, and...elephants?

Ordered a surprisingly large and full salad from Dish on West Market:

Cobb Salad - Fresh avocado, candied walnuts, plenty of greens, and much-better-than-expected shrimp. Added spiced walnuts.

What makes the shrimp so good? It just occurred to be that it might be rock shrimp, regardless, it was tasty and fresh and I find myself craving it every time I visit.

Throughout lunch, we kept noticing people hovering along the curb and starting in the same direction. Then the cops showed up. We were mystified until this passed us on the street:

Can lunch get any more random?

In a rush? Right next door, a quicker salad option is available at Chopped - similar to Salad Creations, you choose your ingredients and the chop it up with you with some mean looking curb, roll-y blades. While it's not as good of a value as both Dish and Salad Creations (full service for the same price and unlimited 'throw-ins' respectively), if you just want a fresh salad customized to your liking to bring back to the office or eat on the plane, Chopped works just fine.

'Is that a turd on your salad? - W(I had to laugh and caption)
Since then, I've popped back to Dish for more salads - it's open later than many other places (10pm) and they have fresh ingredients for a decent price. If I end up working late or go for a late run before dinner, it's a perfect solution

I also tried their Spicy Black Bean Patty - can't very well call it a burger when I put it on a salad -which was tasty, but probably wouldn't order it again. I'm glad that the ingredients were fresh and the patty didn't have filler - but since it was all bean, it was rather pasty.

I also tried the Market Street Burger - properly, bun and all - which is fantastic. Freshly ground, juicy...was immensely satisfying...mmm!! Best burger that I've had in a very long time. It's topped with Havarti, jalapeƱo jelly, and really really darn good BBQ sauce. I think that I'm going to ask for a side of that sauce every time I get something from there. Their BBQ shrimp is good - as expected, because I've really been enjoying their shrimp in their salad.

It's really nice in Louisville - people are friendly, full of smiles, and the city is interesting. I've been to some good bars, met some great people, and there's a lot of opportunities for outdoorsy fun. Looking forward to exploring a lil' bit more!

Market Street Burger!

BBQ Shrimp

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