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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Charlotte :: First taste of the South!

A generous 60 seconds!
After 8 hours of travel and airport fuss, I ended up in Charlotte late late last night. It was too dark and late to explore, but the next morning I found Charlotte to be a pretty city, with blossoming trees and large American banks lining the streets - definitely worth a return trip to explore and enjoy. The pace is pretty relaxed. I thought there would be some hustle because of all the banks - but on the contrary...neatly business casual dressed young professionals (mostly male) strolling along the quiet blooming streets. Courteous, door holding, shirts tucked in Southerners, in no rush. Several pedestrian signals even had 70 seconds - I can't imagine the uproar that'd cause in Toronto!

Anyway, I wish I could report that a big ol' southern breakfast was had, but I was in a rush do I picked up a breakfast wrap at Energy Café and before I knew it, I was off to Louisville.. :-) More on that later!

A bit of a food blog fail, but perhaps I can consider this a travel blog win?  I did have a bunch of deeelish food in Louisville...and I should probably post more about my latest trip to London...and Germany...and Holland...

Still hunting for the best way to blog on the go...not a fan of the blogaway application because you can on only post one picture per post! Bloggeroid still leaves quite a bit to be desired with respect to interface, but it works. Just wish I could adjust picture sizes and preview drafts too - but can't have it all! Oh Google. I want to stick with you but mobile blogging it's not your forte. Friends have been suggesting Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. I've seen good reviews for WordPress being droid-friendly. We'll see!

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Chopinandmysaucepan said...

Dear Erin,

This looks like a really beautiful city, although not much is happening on the streets.

Erin said...

Full of Southern charm, but was definitely quiet :)

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