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Monday, February 20, 2012

How easy is it to blog with an Android?

After testing Google's official blogging application, I'm giving Bloggerroid a comparative spin. Embedding photos and editing the text will take some fiddling, but it works! For the next while, I'll be playing around a bit so bear with the inevitable autocorrect errors and funny formatting for the next bit!

So here are some random Calgary pictures from my phone :)

We had a super fun bartender who had a knack for embellishing our drinks...from lighting our sambuca to slushing shots at the local Keg... oh Matt. You will be missed .

I was surprised to discover a lively spot serving Korean youth pork belly and makgeolli at 930pm on a Tuesday...

Lastly, I had a very tasty pig roast at the Libertine on Stephen Ave...the service left a lot to be desired but I'll admit that that pig was money!

Gah. Blogging on the Nexus will take some time getting used to!

The Libertine Public House on UrbanspoonManrijangsung on Urbanspoon

London :: Blogging on the go...

I've been on the road for over a year...and it's become hard to keep blogging! A recent note from a reader mentioned that they missed my updates...and I do too!
So , as I sit in London sipping a wonderful house chai in a Bombay Cafe, I am trying this mobile blogging application that I downloaded a minute ago. From a quick paruse around the Internet,however, Tumblr might be a better choice.
So I expect that with my shiny new phone (RIP Blackberry) and some time with mobile blogging applications...cookies and tomatoes will be once more :)
Not sure how to embed pictures ...but here are a few on my phone from my current trip! I hope this works!