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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seattle :: Vietnamese Crepes!

SEA Seattle-2
GreenLeaf-6 GreenLeaf-4
I love flying around the west coast! Regardless of how many times I pass by them, I never get tired of the beautiful mountains…this time, I stopped by Seattle for a brief visit.
Seattle Sunset Seattle Sunset-1 Seattle Sunset-2

GreenLeafAfter watching the sun set at Olympic Sculpture Park, we made our way downtown for some Vietnamese. Not the typical Toronto pho haunt – the menu had all sorts of curious items. Too bad there were only two of us! We ended up ordering a Vietnamese Crepe (banh xieo), Vietnamese coffee and fresh spring rolls.

Yep, we ordered a crepe!

The thick eggy wrap surrounded shrimp, pork, and mung bean sprouts…
…I thought it was good but not the OMG crepe that people made it out to be. It could have been because we didn’t know you were supposed to wrap it in basil and dip it in the fish sauce…so maybe we missed out on the intended flavour combination? I didn’t think too much of the shrimp and bits of pork inside. Regardless, it was still enjoyed and their fresh spring rolls were plump. I think I need to try another banh xieo for list of Vietnamese-must-try-agains keeps growing!

We patiently waited for our coffees to filter and enjoyed our last dish…
GreenLeaf-2 GreenLeaf-3
I’m a sucker for ordering things if I have no idea what they’ll taste like. This one was Vietnamese soursoup with shrimp. The green bits are bac ha (aka elephant ears…taro stems!). The food was good, but the waiter completely ignored us all night :-( I was thirsty and couldn’t wave him down, much to my friend’s amusement.

Overall, it didn't leave a bad impression on me and I'd return to try some other things :-)

Day 1 in Seattle!
SEA Seattle SEA Seattle-1 SEA Seattle-3
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Kirill Zubovsky said...

Oooh, nom nom nom. I remember this place, it was delicious!

Erin said...

haha! I'm soooo slow at posting these days...

Kirill Zubovsky said...

Oh yea, it's not like you have an actual job, that takes 250% of your time :)

Erin said...

Hey now. That's a statistical impossibility!

Sam Kynman-Cole said...

oh the fun of not being able to get a glass of water... Reminds me of a Montreal bar we went to and whenever my girlfriend got up to ask for a glass of water the waitress would snap at her "go back to your seat, a server will be over shortly" - repeat a couple of times and you have to laugh (or cry)

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