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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seattle :: Kabul Afghan Cuisine

Afghani-6 Afghani-4
After our “hike”, we took advantage of the zip car to get a good look at the city. Not a bad skyline, Seattle! This view followed a decent dinner at Kabul Afghan Cuisine. A fast talkin’ owner and homey food made for a good stop in Seattle…

I was curious about the Ash Soup, which was flavourful and warm. I didn't care much for the noodles, but this soup would be lovely on a cold day!

We weren’t sure what to order, so we let the owner help us choose a random smattering from the menu. Mmmm. We had eggplant, lamb, some veggies, and kabobs. It came with thin, starchy bread and I reluctantly agreed to the bolani due to a boring experience in Mississauga.

I was pleasantly surprised! It even looked super different than the one I had previously tried. It was filled with green onions and potatoes, and you could dip it into the sauce for some garlicy goodness. Upon comparing the two, I am not sure if one is more "authentic" than the other - but is it wrong that I like the deep-fried version better?


We also tried the mushroom quorma, salata, Badenjan Borani (eggplant). 

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Good, old school homestyle food (or what I would call homey food - not sure what an Afghan might say...:-))


restaurants in norwich said...

They have some unique dishes in the menu. You also captured a nice view of the city.

Jayden said...

The food served looks great. I hope there are also food with hot sauce considering that they serve Afghan cuisine.

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