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Friday, October 7, 2011

New Zealand :: Road Tripping to Rivendell

Harcourt-12 Harcourt-24
Better late than never! It seems like the only time that I get a chance to write these days is when I’m 35,000 feet in the air and too zoned out to work!

I've become very attracted to posterous' integrated slideshow function - I'm tempted to make the jump and migrate over there. I'm currently using blogger and Windows Live Writer, but I'm sure there are better applications out there...suggestions?

In an attempt to hang onto blogger, I'll try Google's slideshow out...but it doesn't have the nice little thumbnail view that I found so appealing in my friend's blog.

North Island Road Trip - Day 1!

Harcourt Park

IMG_2892After gearing up for our North Island journey with a visit to the market and the grocery store we took off for our first destination – Harcourt Park. Sound familiar? Nah, didn’t think so – but if you remember the scene from Lord of the Rings where Liv Tyler called for a wave of aqua horses, then maybe you’ll recognize this. The park also had a rainforest area (this was only the beginning of the amazing mish-mash of New Zealand’s nature) and really random looking numbered…things.

Does anyone know what they are for? I’m guessing some sort of game.

Harcourt-6 Harcourt-7
After we wandered around the forest, noticed funny trees (the pinecones were growing all along the branch!), and winding vines we hopped back in the car.
Funny Pinecones Harcourt-15
Along the road, we stopped to take photos of interesting things…firstly, these mysterious rainbow coloured shells:

And second…the breathtaking landscape. I never grew tired of gazing at the rolling hills and mountains in the distance

IMG_2938 IMG_2957
I am a lucky lucky girl :-)


Derek said...

Your random numbered things are for Frisbee golf. Hot game with the hippie crowd.

Erin said...

interesting! I just looked it up - I've never seen anyone play that before

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