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Monday, October 3, 2011

Australia & New Zealand :: Tasty Translations

I was chatting with a friend this morning about how fun supermarkets are when travelling.

Yeah, that’s right. Supermarkets.

IMG_7422Sometimes, I like to browse just to see what sort of regional fruit and interesting candy they have. New Zealand and Australia didn’t have anything exotic or totally unknown – but I enjoyed finding the little differences….

I know I know - I'm a total dork. Feel free to judge!

Woolsworth (Woolies) were everywhere and is where I shopped to save a bit of cash while on the road…but phew – groceries in Australia were not easy on the backpacker’s wallet.

Peppers are capsicums:
Cantaloupes are rock melons
and dog food comes in tubes!I
Zucchinis are courgettes:
What I would call squash is often referred to as pumpkin
and of course, the never-ending shelves of Tim Tams in a million different flavours!
I grew rather fond of the dark chocolate ones. Yum.
and it’d probably be a major oversight if I didn’t mention the infamous vegemite:
Other interesting finds were kumaras which are like sweet potato:
and ketchup was tomato sauce, which came in these little packets, and there were plenty of red-tipped bananas indicating that they’re eco-friendly.
IMG_7507 IMG_7429

That's all for now! Time for a new week...


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