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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seattle :: Kabul Afghan Cuisine

Afghani-6 Afghani-4
After our “hike”, we took advantage of the zip car to get a good look at the city. Not a bad skyline, Seattle! This view followed a decent dinner at Kabul Afghan Cuisine. A fast talkin’ owner and homey food made for a good stop in Seattle…

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seattle :: Vietnamese Crepes!

SEA Seattle-2
GreenLeaf-6 GreenLeaf-4
I love flying around the west coast! Regardless of how many times I pass by them, I never get tired of the beautiful mountains…this time, I stopped by Seattle for a brief visit.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yellowknife :: Happy Thanksgiving!

Yellowknife Aurora-1
YZF Cultural Crossroads-6 YellowknifeFishing
Well I did it! I have a perpetually growing list of things to do/see in my lifetime, and I knocked one off my list…
  1. Travel somewhere new on my own Follow my Oceania story here
  2. Live somewhere new on my own (for at least 6 months)
  3. Find a job I love For which I think FSM every day
  4. Climb Mt. Fuji  Check-ish - I reached the last station but the top was closed due to a typhoon
  5. Explore every continent
  6. Complete the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu
  7. Complete a trek over a week long, if not two (El Camino de Santiago, maybe?)
  8. See the Aurora Borealis check!
So…this weekend, I felt like going to Yellowknife! I have to admit that the average reaction from my friends was a less PG version of “What is there to do in Yellowknife?

A few answers:
Take a walk around Niven Lake
Fall in the lovely cold waters of Cassidy Point
Watch the beautiful Aurora Borealis dance along the sky
Enjoy a steamed almond milk while working away at Javaroma
Nosh on a bison burger at The Black Knight – a local fav
Pretend to be a local by stuffing yourself with turkey
Tumble down the Cultural Crossroads monument
Giggle like a child at Ragged Ass Road
Take a walk around Old Town

I'm in a list-y mood today.

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Zealand :: Road Tripping to Rivendell

Harcourt-12 Harcourt-24
Better late than never! It seems like the only time that I get a chance to write these days is when I’m 35,000 feet in the air and too zoned out to work!

I've become very attracted to posterous' integrated slideshow function - I'm tempted to make the jump and migrate over there. I'm currently using blogger and Windows Live Writer, but I'm sure there are better applications out there...suggestions?

In an attempt to hang onto blogger, I'll try Google's slideshow out...but it doesn't have the nice little thumbnail view that I found so appealing in my friend's blog.

North Island Road Trip - Day 1!

Harcourt Park

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toronto :: Nuit Blanche!

Nuit Blanche
Toronto Weekend-9 Toronto Weekend-13 Toronto Weekend-4
“How was your weekend?”

A co-worker asked me that question today – and I was reminded again of neglected Cookies & Tomatoes. This blog sorely needs some love – I’ve been to Seattle, Mexico, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Germany, Paris, and the Netherlands this summer! Wowee! Quite a bit to catch up on!

But, before I get to all of that…how was my weekend? Was definitely sorry to see it end. It’s been way too long since I’ve had a damn good weekend in Toronto with friends, family, and lots of laughter. We danced the night away, ran around the streets of my favourite city when it was alive with art, and talked as if I had been gone for years, but never really left.

Toronto, I’ve missed you!

One way to start the weekend right is with an open bar:
Toronto, YYZ
Frankfurt Lounge
Frankfurt, FRA
Calgary, YYC
The Calgary lounge for frequent flyers is always buzzing with smart businessmen and exhausted travellers. What I’ve found the most amusing is the sheer amount of alcohol at these lounges – on tap!

It was a particularly hard flight – the combination of Baileys and a strong of mocha proved to be a terrible idea since I was mentally exhausted but physically jittery for the whole flight – so it was not surprising that I left my suitcase in the bathroom on my way out.

Not surprising but sure as heck not fun.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Australia & New Zealand :: Tasty Translations

I was chatting with a friend this morning about how fun supermarkets are when travelling.

Yeah, that’s right. Supermarkets.

IMG_7422Sometimes, I like to browse just to see what sort of regional fruit and interesting candy they have. New Zealand and Australia didn’t have anything exotic or totally unknown – but I enjoyed finding the little differences….

I know I know - I'm a total dork. Feel free to judge!

Woolsworth (Woolies) were everywhere and is where I shopped to save a bit of cash while on the road…but phew – groceries in Australia were not easy on the backpacker’s wallet.

Peppers are capsicums:
Cantaloupes are rock melons