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Friday, September 30, 2011

Seattle :: Caffe Senso Unico

Caffe Senso Unico
When I hear Seattle, I think coffee shops, rainy weather, Microsoft, and a cheesy medical soap opera (I bet I’m going to lose all my subscribers from that comment, eh?). Armed with my trusty rain jacket and the determination to have at least one good cup of coffee, I arrived in Washington without a clue or a plan…
Over the past few months, I've seen a very different side of the US than before. In the past, I've explored the US by camping in beautiful National Parks and hiking every trail along the way. Instead of 6-week road trips in an old school Chevy, I have been popping in and out of cities without a clue what each has to offer, which has made my exploration that much more fun! It was certainly the Summer of Erin.
Caffe Senso Unico-5 Caffe Senso Unico-2

Since I was in the city for coffee, I had to try a cup in a cute little shop! No, I did not get a cup at Starbucks at Pike's Place (neither cute or little) – but I popped into Caffe Senso Unico. Hipsters, entrepreneurs, and fellow nerds beware – there is no Wifi. The cafe is charming from the friendly decor, staff, and neat little sandwiches. I ended up ordering a Roman Holiday – prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, arugula, with a pesto-basil spread. Grilled, the cheese deliciously bound the fresh ingredients with the great bread (key!) and I really enjoyed this simple, tasty sandwich. If I was a local, I would grab one of these on a regular basis!
Caffe Senso Unico-3
Caffe Senso Unico-1Of course, I ordered coffee – upon recommendation from the staff, I ordered a macchiato which was wonderfully bitter. Y U M.

I'm not a huge coffee-fan, but I love bitter chocolate so this was win. If you're so inclined, try it with a spoonful of the brown sugar – which was definitely a step above the regular brown sugar that I've used in the past – but I personally liked it better when it was just bittersweet.

So now my question is: Was Caffe Senso Unico just that great or have all of my previous coffee shop experiences been that sub-par? Other than the Ethiopian coffee at Beast, I have not had a really memorable cup in Toronto yet – but I'm aware of the local favourites; Balzac, Te Aro and Lola immediately coming to mind...any other Toronto recommendations? Caffe Senso Unico on Urbanspoon


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