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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toronto :: Seoul House

SeoulHouse-15 SeoulHouse-23
“Where do I go for great Korean food?”
I get this question all too often, and I always give the same recommendation – Seoul House! Yes, the service can leave something to be desired if you’re not fluent in Korean – I’ll digress – but the quality of the pork belly, soups, and stir frys have me going back again…and again…and again!

SeoulHouse-13 Seoul House
Verdict: Go!
Meal: Dinner
Price: $50pp
Location: 3220 Dufferin St, Toronto
Seoul House always offers a good selection of banchan and seafood pancakes to snack on:
SeoulHouse SeoulHouse-4
SeoulHouse-1 SeoulHouse-3 SeoulHouse-2

I love soup. SOUP SOUP SOUP! The spicier the better. To satisfy my intense craving for proper Korean soup on an impromptu visit back to Toronto, I jumped on the subway and headed to Seoul House. It was a hot day for spicy soup, so we decided to balance it out with some cold pork wraps.

Sliced steamed pork served with kimchi, lettuce wraps, and salty shrimp dip
It’s like a create your own taco night – Korean style!

You have your wrap and fillings:
SeoulHouse-9 SeoulHouse-7 SeoulHouse-8

That go with the delicious (and very well done!) pork. From there, choose a lettuce or daikon wrap and enjoy!
SeoulHouse-10 SeoulHouse-11 SeoulHouse-12

I personally prefer the the pickled daikon wrap:
SeoulHouse-18 SeoulHouse-19 SeoulHouse-20 SeoulHouse-21

And of course…the soup:
SeoulHouse-15 SeoulHouse-16
We got soon dubu ji gae with seafood, vegetables, and beef (second place after Chodang) and kimchi ji gae. I am a big fan of Seoul House’s kimchi ji gae and hae mul jeon gol (spicy seafood soup – not eaten that day)

Full of vegetables and perfectly salty pork, the spicy broth has the right mount of flavour vs. heat.

I notice that when I’m with my parents, the service is a bit different. A combination of communication and assumptions, it somewhat bothers me but not to the point where I’ve brought it up. I’ve experienced similar service discrepancies at other restaurants…
SeoulHouse-24 SeoulHouse-14 For instance, I only finish with the persimmon tea when I’m with them…and the wild-white rice mix

Not a huge deal – but still…something that I wish wasn’t an issue

Oh Seoul House. This post has been long overdue, and you’ll see me again soon!
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Tiffany said...

One question. Is the lettuce for wrap cooked? Thank you so much!

Erin said...

nope, not cooked! Raw :)

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