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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Toronto PATH :: Fast Fresh Foods & Marcello's

FastFresh-2 FastFresh
As I explore cities across the world, I’ve come to appreciate Toronto’s simple, mid-range offerings that are quick and relatively healthy for the downtown crowd. A growing trend, Salad Creations and Sandwich Box are seeing new competitors like Fast Fresh Foods and Marcelo’s make their way into The Path. Fast Fresh Foods is a relatively recent addition underneath 145 King St West (from Sunlife, cross through St. Andrew station). I found the pesto too oily, but the plethora of mushrooms and tasty chicken breast fantastic so I’d return, simply asking for less pesto next time.
Marcello makes a decent sandwich as well, with fresh chicken and vegetables – but I find that it’s on the pricey side. Fast Fresh Foods on Urbanspoon Marcello's Market & Deli on Urbanspoon


Limousine Services in Toronto said...

I like Fast Fresh Foods.

Peter said...

Fast Fresh is a great option. So is Salad Creation. WHat are your thoughts about DRUXY'S Famous Deli and their new Design Your Own Saladsd and Sandwiches? I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Try them under Commerce Court or Scotia Plaza.

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