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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hazelnut Butter?

Hazelnut Butter-1
I’m in trouble. I am seriously in love with Nutella but my never-ending obsession with travel and quite honestly stressful weeks at work has left me turning to it, and other not so healthy foods, when I need to feel some comfort. Despite my claim that I’ll dust off my shoes and start my trek to 21-km again, I have gone longer without touching a treadmill than ever before :\
Well, a lack of peanut butter and craving for Nutella (but refusal to buy either) led me to find a bowl of hazelnuts that I toasted a week prior.
2 Hazelnut Butter
If you want hazelnut butter, simply toast then pulverize the nuts in a Magic Bullet (or equivalent). If you' want the creamy consistency, add a bit of olive oil if you so wish…or if you’re able to hit the gym more than I, use a double-boiler to melt some 70% dark chocolate and combine the two. Enjoy!


Kelsey said...

oh how i have always wanted to buy a magic bullet! it seems to be pretty good at making nut butter too- oh hazelnut butter is to-die-for too. i like walnut butter the best but hazelnut is pretty high up on that list for sure :)

xoxo <3

Erin said...

:) I love hazelnut butter...but I have yet to try walnut!! That sounds oh so good as well...

dadaDan said...

Love it! I've been really into frozen bananas with a bit of nutella spread on them, but I want to make my own hazelnut butter, and this is a great start.

Erin said...

let me know how it goes :-)

GL said...

you know who now works for Ferrero?  THIS GUY!

Erin said...


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