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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chicago :: Taqueria Tayahua

Taqueria Taqueria-1
Around the corner from Smunderground were a ton of Mexican eats and stores for the Hispanic community. While I had travelled through the US many times before, I stuck to the national parks and never realized the influence from our friends at the southern end of North America.

IMG00205-20110227-1518I was silly – despite a clear recommendation from S&M, I didn’t write it down and was completely lost when I saw the menu. It was massive. So based on their description, I was given a box of…something and I also ordered a tongue taco.

The taco was aight, but the mystery box? Wasn’t a fan >_< Would’ve been better off getting a burrito, I suspect. No matter…I would be gorging on a ridiculous amount of food for the next two weeks at one of the local conference centers…oh geez:

StCharles StCharles-1 StCharles-3
There’s nothing as dangerous as an all you can eat buffet for 2 weeks in a row…soft serve ice cream machine included. Ughhh…that is when I learned that there really is such thing as too much delicious food.

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