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Monday, August 8, 2011

Bonjour Crepes!

Crepes-1 Crepes-2
A visit from a sweet chocolatier from France prompted a fun night of crepes and cultural exchange in my kitchen :-). Armed with flowers and apples, A popped by and showed me how to make paper thin crepes and caramel which we filled with cooked apples, berries, and of course Nutella.
Crepes-4Much easier than I thought – she explained that you need to simply boil the white sugar with water – once it turns to the above glorious colour, add vinegar.
Mmm…the bubbly, brown sticky syrup had such a lovely aroma. The vinegar makes sure that it doesn’t burn and I was really excited to try flipping my first crepe.

A simple combination of eggs, flour, sugar, and water (omit the sugar if you want to make savoury crepes) was made until A was satisfied with the watery consistency – then a ladle of batter was rolled around the pan. Running a spatula around the edges, the crepe was surprisingly easy to loosen and turn over! I was tickled to see the little brown spots of my first crepe, and impressed that she did this with such ease. Not a single reach for a measuring cup or spoon, she eyeballed it all and we enjoyed delicious crepes and a great night with an Ozzie, a French chocolatier, and 3 Canadians was shared. Merci, A!


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