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Friday, July 8, 2011

Toronto :: Woodlot

Woodlot-3 Woodlot-4
Stopped by Woodlot, one of the newer restaurants in Little Italy. It’s beautiful space – love the atmosphere. The food itself is well executed – while not fancy or particularly imaginative it’s simple, well-done, and a safe choice for a group of people with a variety of tastes. While it won’t ‘wow’ you, the pleasant service and inviting restaurant certainly makes for a pleasant evening! I’d return for a drink at the bar alone.
Ugh. Need a new camera!

Woodlot-6 Woodlot-7
Woodlot-1There is a focus on fresh, local ingredients and we ordered the Oxtail and Ox Tongue Terrine with a pistachio, port, and fig compote to start. I was not a fan – if I wasn’t sharing, I would have opted for the French Onion soup as the waiter mentioned that they use their domed fire oven. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good onion soup. Mmm. Next time.

The Russet Potato Gnocchiwin! Served with a cheese and walnut sauce, the consistency was wonderfully smooth and buttery. The best gnocchi I’ve had, hands down. Fantastic job, Woodlot!

We also tried the Parpardelle but I was personally not a fan – cooked in a wild boar ragu, it was cooked al dente. My dining companion claimed that it is simply my North American tastes that didn’t like it – which may be true. I’m not one for authenticity anyways, if I don’t like it, I simply don’t like it :P.

Last was the Braised Duck Cabbage Rolls which was served with wild rice, chestnuts, and prunes. The wild rice was very sparse (“They forgot it!” my friend claimed, but it was there) and overall, I found this rather boring.

We finished with the apple tart – beautiful and very visually appealing it was a treat to both look at and taste! The crust was not appealing for me – a bit hard and didn’t go well with the apples I thought…but to each their own :-). I’ve always been more of a puffy-pastry kind of girl.

The gelato was sweet and light - and the type of apples they used escape me (shocking for a girl who loves her apples!) but they were not overly sweet.

Overall - Woodlot has a great atmosphere and space. The food isn't particularly amazing, but the setting is perfect for a good night out. The only dish that stood out for me was the gnocchi. The rest were okay but like O&B's Jump, I see it as a safe for a smattering of crowds, well-executed, but not a place that will stir any cravings.

In Calgary next week for the Stampede - yee-haw! Can't wait!

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The Ox Tongue Terrine. I usually prepare the foie with salt and spices, even with wine or cognac.

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