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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toronto :: Sen5es Bakery & Restaurant

Sen5es-1 Sen5es-4

After a night of Men Without Hats and kabobs, I started this day with a sunny brunch with C and ended it with a fantastic BBQ with the family.

Sen5es Sen5es Restaurant and Bakery
Verdict: Tasty, neat, but service needs a bit of improvement
Price: $50 + tt
Location: Wellington St.

I heard lovely things about their bakery, but in terms of service I was sorely disappointed – while friendly, it was definitely lacking in attention. We sat down and weren’t given menus even after asking for them. I was on a timeline (had to race home for a bbq!) so I asked the waitress a second time after 10 min...she apologized saying that the people behind the counter weren’t paying attention. That was repetitive - the coffee was ordered but never delivered. We asked to take it off the bill - but it was left on…

Sen5es-5I’ll admit that I was a bit cranky near the end when I saw the coffee on the bill and since we already spoke to the staff a couple times and I could not be bothered to bring it up, I just left a note on the bill. For the astronomic prices that are charged, I expected a bit more.

However – I will say that the crab cake was quite good, and the ingredients were fresh in the Mediterranean frittata. We also had the ricotta cheese pancakes, which were quite tasty and pleasantly fluffy with caramelized bananas and fresh strawberries layered in between. It came with a mixed berry compote and fresh whipped cream. Was the meal good? Yes. Would I return? Probably not.

We finished with a couple of truffles each – I had the pistachio marzipan and the salted caramel pecan. I did not care for the marzipan at all, and for a salted caramel I’d recommend Delight! I’ll admit that their cakes looked tasty…but not enough for me to return anytime soon. I wanted to like you, Sen5es! Your space is bright, airy and beautiful just like the presentation of your food. I was just not wow’ed.

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lee-ann tsan said...

okay so i saw a link to urban spoon on your page. does your review go to urban spoon?! it should because your reviews are really good :)

Chris BEAN Leung said...

oh that's too bad...!!  Looked promising.

Erin said...

it was soooo promising! A lovely space, bright and clean...! Not sure why they were so aloof that day.
Thanks Lee-Ann :-) They do!! I'm too lazy to advertise my blog properly, so that's pretty much my only avenue hehe

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