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Friday, July 22, 2011

Marche Marketplace :: Quick Downtown Brekkie


Hello hello hello. Enjoying a quick stint in YYZ – good music, fun festivals, and great company. Short stays mean little time for cooking and lots of people to see!

I’ve been popping into Marche for breakfast dates in the downtown core. While I usually stick to a basic plate of eggs and toast, sometimes I am a little indulgent and enjoy a fruity crepe, and some apple-slaw with yogurt. And a fruit juice. Yum. There’s not much to comment with respect to service, as it’s mostly self serve and people are generally friendly and efficient.

As it caters to the financial district, it’s on the higher end with respect to price but it’s served quite well for a safe, quick breakfast spot as it has heaps of variety, fresh options and great for a quick bite that needs little thought. Recommend for breakfast – I’ve been here for lunch, and I’m less impressed as it gets quite crowded and there are better, tastier options in the area at that time.

Unless if you’re on a budget, Marche is a good default breakfast choice with enough variety that you can make it a regular spot and won’t have to worry about picky companions. It gets a lot of hate - but really if you want a quick spot that will serve many people this will do. If you're looking for a nice experience with great food that you can enjoy while sitting down - go somewhere else with that budget!

I've been on quite an adventure this year - yes, my blog is incredibly behind but I really can't wait to share some stories :-). I'll get back to writing soon!

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