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Friday, July 29, 2011

Calgary :: Vero Bistro in Kensington

Vero-5 Wake
A sunny Calgary afternoon with good company, glasses of champagne, and great food on a patio – I’m really loving weekends in Calgary! We slept in (correction – I slept in as my friends kindly let me snore away) and we wandered down Kensington for breakfast (sorry guys! haha).

Kensington in Calgary is not the same is Toronto’s, but still has a cute little charm – does “Kensington” mean something, is it a pure coincidence? I did a quick search, and it’s a borough in London known for fashion. Hm!
Anyways, we poked our heads into a few places, but settled on Vero Bistro for the patio.

I started with a martini glass of the lobster-avocado soup. Garnished with chili-strings (for a lack of a better vocabulary), it was perfect and delicious as a start – a cool, creamy soup that didn’t make me sweat in sun. The server was super nice and brought us a bottle of sunscreen to start as well so we wouldn’t fry..:-)
I ordered a Prawn Beet Salad, while my friend opted for the Gouda Lobster Mac & Cheese. The prawns were perfectly grilled, and the salad was fresh – nicely done Vera! I am so pleased to find a place that does good salads. Roasted red peppers, a clean salad (not oily at all!), and fresh.

While heavy, my friend demolished her Mac & Cheese in good time, while our third dining companion happily chowed down on his Stuffed Vero Burger and the Artisan Green Salad, part of their $15 2 course special.
Vero-2 Vero-3
Grape Drink
Grape Drink!
We capped our lunch off at Wake with cups of Gelato (peanut butter and jelly + peanut butter and chocolate = win win win - picture at the top) and wandered around the area. We were tickled by this sign in front of a restaurant recommended by the guy at Wake:

I’ll let you think what you want. It was actually for Wine Bar, but we wandered into Brasserie after the Wake-guy referred it as piggy-piggy. Yummm. It was tacked on the must-hit-list!

This and Stampede = Another awesome weekend! I need to start a series.

Vero Bistro Moderne on UrbanspoonWake Bistro on Urbanspoon


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