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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hullo North Queensland

I was really curious about Queensland - I knew that I was flying towards the infamous Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest, but I really had no idea what they would be like! I hugged the beautiful D after our last chowdown before leaving Melbourne the plane descended, I was surprised to see the landscape, as it didn't say rainforest or Great Barrier Reef due to the overcast skies and plots of farming land.
Queensland Queensland-1
I loved cooking with A, such a sweet and kind soul, and she had an interesting recipe to try…
After soaking almonds and sesame overnight, it was blended and strained. This made both a paste to make tahini-almond cakes and milk! The toasty cakes were interesting. I think I want to try this concept again with a bit of honey and make it a bit thinner…then toast them in the oven. Or puff them up and make tahini-almond muffins!

She also introduced me to Vegemite, lightly spread on a warm rice cake, it’s not as bad as everyone told me it would be…I think the key is make sure that the spread is thin. It's a salty spread, and I could easily see how it'd be revolting in large quantities :P

Queensland-2 Queensland-5 Queensland-6

I also met the lovely J who took it upon herself to show some true Australian sport: Cane Toad Racing! We drew lines on the pavement and caught the frog (see below - he does not look amused). She encouraged me to pet them, which I did not knowing that they’re apparently poisonous. We also ate a hilarious dinner of sausages, grated carrot, and beets on top of a toasted tortilla…oh J. haha.

Annnd…we ate a mysterious red fruit that was growing from her tree. I remember the conversation well.
Julie Julie-1 CaneToad
“Are you sure that this edible?”
“Yep! It’s fruit!”
“What is it?”
“Ginger seed?”
The next day, the side of my face blew up and J went to the ER. Nice.

From there, I made my way up north to Port Douglas...


Ally T said...

Yay - I applaud you for trying Vegemite the *right* way! I shudder when I see people just dip a spoon in there for their first time. Start slow, with lots of butter :)

Erin said...

haha! I met a trio of Germans who were trying their best to learn English awhile travelling. Their punishment for speaking any German on the road was a biiiig spoonful of vegemite! How's that for motivation? hehe

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