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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

e11even :: Carrot Cake and Stingray in Toronto!

e11even-1 e11even-2 e11even-3
Cut through the PATH to e11even for lunch - and I didn't get lost! Finally!! Ok - my friend guided me. It didn't seem like the right time to be sharing food (business lunch!) we all ordered what we wanted: stingray. Once the serious-part of lunch was over, all hesitations were thrown aside and we ordered the dessert menu…not from but the.

Verdict: Safe choice for a last minute professional lunch
Meal: Lunch
Price: 30pp + tt
Address15 York St, Toronto

4 stingrays and 4 desserts. Not bad at all ;)

There were other dishes competing with the ray – Mr. I and I were both contemplating the lobster mac n’ cheese, but…when you hear stingray, can you really say no? I am still not sure, but the rumour was that the stingray was transported live in hot water – really? Is that common practice? I honestly have no idea. A bit on the overly-buttery side, but overall a nice moist fillet.

It was a good spot for lunch nonetheless – we had just a couple of hours notice to pick a somewhat nice place on the south end of the downtown core and everything was booked! Four. Earl. Nota Bene. Booked, booked, booked. Oddly…e11even was almost completely empty.

The space is nice – good for business lunches/events both big and small. The ray was nothing to write home about, nor were the desserts except for the carrot cake. Mmm! A real testament as to why you need to order lots of variety sometimes :-). I love a good carrot cake, with a balance of sweetness and spice. I know that it traditionally comes with frosting – but I’m not a fan and I just ate around it. Mmmm carrot cake win!
We also tried the key-lime pie, cheesecake, and the brownie. Eh. The brownie was just ok - while moist and wonderfully warm, not as decadent as I usually prefer for dense chocolate treats. However, the 3 boys voted for the brownie - what?! The girl is usually the chocolate-fiend.

Coffee is served in a French press - eh - while I'm not a coffee hound, I can safely say that Beast offers a good French-press style cup. Hoof Cafe did too. Sniff, RIP. Service was very polite and attentive, and Would I return? Honestly - who is paying? I could easily stop in again for lunch - but if I'm casually meeting a friend in the area I much prefer RaviSoups or Prague Deli, or if I wanted something upscale then I'd walk over to Nota Bene, Beer Bistro, or Swish.

e11even-5A lovely space and decent food, I'd put this on my "safe" list when picking last minute professional venues. Large televisions are also around the bar, so it can be a sports night or a business event - but not my pick for a bar night.

It’s been  a really hectic year so far. Between globetrotting and adjusting to a new job I find myself rather scattered these days in terms of thoughts, priorities, and understanding both self and others. I’m not sure what sprung that random thought – possibly just looking at the scattered slivers of almonds in glue-like frosting. Either way, I have not done a good job at getting back on  track in terms of health (clearly, if I’m ordering all of the desserts from the menu). I will say that it’s not the restaurant eating that’s the trouble – it’s the late night snacking that wasn't an issue until life demanded a routine. I need to get back on track!

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Chris ( said...

I've had stingray once before.. I thought it tasted like chicken.. and I like chicken better. :S

Hope routine will kick start your healthy lifestyle soon!!

Chris ( said...

I've had stingray once before.. I thought it tasted like chicken.. and I like chicken better. :S

Hope routine will kick start your healthy lifestyle soon!!

ErinTomatoes said...

Thanks :-)
It was kind of meaty, texture wise. Probably better in a sandwich! I think that I'd prefer it if it was either more fishy or more meaty in flavour. Just more flavour, really.

Mary said...

hmm sting ray seems like an interesting eat! I think I'd be down to give it a try one day. Short-listing this restaurant for the future! haha. Great post Erin!

wherejessate said...

Nice post. Been meaning to try this for a while.
Good carrot cake, eh? One of my favourite desserts. If you're a fan, O&B does a pretty good one!

Erin said...

O&B grill? Not a fan of Canteen!

Jess said...

Yup, O&B grill. It comes with a delicious lemon sour cream ice cream!
As for the canteen - agreed, I wasn't impressed either

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