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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Daintree Rainforest

IMG_8297 IMG_8319 IMG_8278
From Cairns, I took the trip up north to the Daintree Rainforest. I was glad to escape the city – while I enjoyed the company of A and J, I was itching to explore something a bit more wild…and not the wild-backpackers-drinking-til-they-dropped wild!

IMG_8271 IMG_8273
Crocodiles swimming in the rivers by day and giant crawlies by night, the rainforest was a beautiful and interesting place to explore. Spiders the size of your face creep the interesting plants. The one below opens and closes based on the pressure, thus serving as an effective indicator of looming storms…
IMG_8307 IMG_8283 IMG_8339
And turkeys. Random, random turkeys.

IMG_8319Unfortunately, I did not spot the elusive cassowary (boo!) but we did spot an amusing road bump sign along the way…

The rainforest is definitely worth a visit, if you’re up in northern Queensland. I recommend renting a car and taking a trip up to explore the interesting trees, critters, and sample some of the exotic fruit ice cream at the Daintree Ice Cream Company. Sour sop, jackfruit, and something called black sapote flavours were tried…mmm. Under the stifling heat, this was a welcome treat for us especially after the squishy egg breakfast from Beach House.IMG_8320
This was probably the biggest sour sop that I’ve ever seen in my life!

DaintreeIf I were to return to the rainforest, I don’t think that I’d stay in a hostel – it’d better to camp out on the beach somewhere or maybe find a spot around Port Douglas instead. Mind you, at this point, I was getting tired of hostel breakfasts and just craving fruit…travelling in a country that charges more for fruit than bacon can take its toll…

Cape TribulationM agreed so we headed out for some relief and grabbed a fruit smoothie from the local restaurant based on Beach House’s recommendation, Whet,…but we gawked at the prices and decided to head for the somewhat more affordable pub at the other hostel in the area, PK’s Jungle Village. The smoothie was good, but I couldn’t drop $40 on a meal! We ended up sharing pizza and salad, as the local grocer didn’t have anything. Sigh. Should’ve played it smart and gone grocery shopping before heading up there – lesson learned!
Cape Tribulation-1 Cape Tribulation-3
In the end, I highly recommend going up to Cape Tribulation to wander the forests, explore Mossman Gorge, and maybe look for a cassowary. Remember to pack some food before you go, or be prepared to drop a bit of money! If you’re on vacation, that might not be an issue…but for a backpacker, it made me start to plan a little more smart :-). Save your change for the fantastic noms!
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