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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Calgary :: Fat Fat Fat Burger

Calgary Plane-1
FatBurger Calgary Plane
I had my face pressed against the airline window when reaching the West coast. The view of the mountains over Vancouver Island were amazing. I am usually very lucky about getting the window seat – and this came with commentary from the gentleman next to me.

I insisted that I wanted good ol’ Alberta beef when I landed, so J dutifully did his homework and took me to the finest source in town.


FatBurger-2To tide us over before going for a properly beefy dinner, we popped by Fat Burger. What better way to precursor steak than with beef?
An American franchise, this only reminded me of people’s claims that Calgary was a very “Americanized” city. I don’t recall ever seeing one on the East coast of our country.

Well if I’m in an Americanized city…then maybe I should be doing some D’D’D’ing while I’m here!

I’ll be honest – I was expecting a crappy fast food chain burger but the patties were actually thick, juicy, and old school – right down to the decor. I wish these would replace Toronto’s Hero Burgers. For a fast food burger - I'd say that it was pretty decent. There is a bit of premium in price though, but I'd prefer this over Burger Bar any day!

Calgarians, do you realize how lucky you are to have such a beautiful backdrop? It just gives me the snowboarding and hiking itch whenever I see the beautiful peaks! Today, I hike Mt. Yamnuska. I haven’t been out to the mountains since a wintery visit to Banff…which I should post about soon! If I survive today's scramble, that is!
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