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Monday, June 27, 2011

Buster Rhino's is Coming DT!

Buster Rhino's fans rejoice - your beloved pulled pork sammy is coming to Toronto! Tipped off by postcity, it looks like Lou Dawgs, Reggies, and Phil's will be facing some competition.

Read about my last visit to this Whitby joint here

I went to my first baby-birthday-party today. I'd say that I'm growing up, but my friends laughed at me when I was asked to hold the baby. It was so foreign, and the my friend promptly took the kid away when she saw me holding him, puzzled and awkward. That being said, I definitely won the cool-present award. When it comes to baby boys, the noisier the better. Parents, feel free to send your groans my way as loud, obnoxious toys disrupt your Sunday mornings!

Happy Birthday Logan!
On another note - I am writing this at 1AM in the morning after tearing apart my entire apartment and scattering open all the contents of my suitcase in search of my passport.

I was so close to tossing everything over the balcony (okay - a little dramatic but I was really frustrated!!). Instead, I resorted to stress eating while doing it (damn you extra-creamy Kraft Peanut Butter. I've recently discovered Tapioca-Rice Bread, found frozen in the supermarket - it's sweet and fluffy).

I found it. In my wallet.

I "smartly" tucked it away in my extra wallet so I wouldn't lose it during my longer-than-usual (a.k.a. 10 day) return to YYZ.

It's nice that I recognize that I'm a scatterbrain, but I'm so used to being all over the place that it really disrupts my "routine" when I develop contingency plans...

HAPPY MONDAY! I'm off to the airport in just a few hours :-)

With all this it worth it for me to keep my down town apartment? I wish I could just pay for the days that I'm here. I'm thinking of moving somewhere cheaper or finding a flatmate who would love to give me a good deal since I'm hardly home...


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So, what was the gift?

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