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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BBQ :: Happy Father’s Day!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a nice, home cooked meal with the family. Stopped by YYZ just in time for Father’s Day. Holding true to our tradition, my dad fired up the grill for some tasty tasty eats!

FathersDay-2 FathersDay
We didn’t do the typical Korean kalbi this time – instead, we grilled some steaks marinated in a mixture of crushed Korean pears, soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame seed oil. Nice and simple. While that was on the grill, my mother cooked up some tasty chicken hearts and onions on the stove with pepper paste and sesame seed oil for a spicy dish.
FathersDay-1 FathersDay-4
Grilled zucchini and japchae

My parents received a really great present from their friend who owns a local market - a giant box of fresh fresh fish! I ate 2.5 fillets on my own. It was that amazing.

And of course Korean soup…beef stew with radishes, sprouts, bracken, and onion. Yum. I’m so lucky :-) Happy Father's Day!

I inherited my dad's love for BBQ, but it's not always easy to satisfy those cravings when you live sans I make do in my oven:

I use a simple marinade of brown sugar, soy sauce, rice wine, sesame seed oil, green onions, and sometimes some red pepper flakes, all to taste. I often tenderize the ribs overnight beforehand with acidic fruit juice (kiwi works well) or (as gross as this might sound) coke made from sugar cane will work too. Either way - soak the ribs overnight beforehand to rinse the blood.
Pop the ribs in the oven, set to broil and in less than 10 minutes they're delicious, hot, and ready!
Oh, and apparently oven mitts can light on fire. FYI.


Chris ( said...

nomnomnom.. that soup looks amazing and flavourful. I never knew oven mitts could catch fire either. I thought they were made not to....!!!

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