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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Banff :: Mountains & Cozy Hot Chocolate

Banff-8 Banff-2
Talk about belated-blogging! This road trip, while short, is definitely worth a note. The last time I set foot in Banff, I was 4 feet tall and travelling the continent with my family in a crank-top trailer. How my parents put up with 2 rambunctious kids while on the road for 6 weeks is still beyond me – but I’m so thankful that they put the travel bug in me early on!

We headed to Lake Louise, amused by the CAUTION – THIN ICE sign that stood in front of giant snow plows clearing the lake. Since I didn’t have any winter clothes, I lost myself in J’s winter jacket  and we did our best to beat the tour buses. That picture does not do that giant black raven justice – it was the size of a baby. A big fat baby. This reminded me a lot of D, the lovely woman who I stayed with in Melbourne who painted a beautiful series of ravens :-).

We took the scenic route, despite almost all the stops being closed due to the winter storm. After seeing tropical forests and being under blazing weather for weeks on end, this was a heart warming welcome home.

Iconically Canadian, tall pine trees lined the road and were ladened with thick, heavy snow.

We stopped by the town for some hot chocolate and a sammy at Evelyn’s Coffee Bar. The Scottish barista spoke about being on a work-holiday visa (which was so common in Australia that I wanted to learn more about how the system worked in Canada). My friend enjoyed his ridiculously big cookie while I obediently ate my vegan sandwich. I occasionally have some restraint, thankyouverymuch.

Banff-7If you end up going – try their hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut. You won’t be disappointed…especially when they top it off with chocolate whip cream. The sandwich is nothing to write home about – the price wasn’t so keen…but it’s a touristy area so thats what I expected.

It was a good day, and nice to cap it off with a moment in the coffee shop. Can’t wait for hiking season!!
Banff-1 IMG_1582
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