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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toasting Nuts


I like to toast raw nuts on my own - not only is it economical, I can fine tune the process as I please and enjoy warm toasty seeds/nuts right out of the toaster oven. On top of that, I don't enjoy salted nuts too much - unless if it's accompanied with a tall glass of beer it's not really my thing. I can easily demolish a container of hot toasted almonds though...preferably dropped in a container of Nutella and scooped out.
After several trial and many more errors, I've gotten my nut toasting down for my little toaster oven to a science. Times may vary so use these as a guideline only. Stir halfway through for even toasting, and be particularly careful with walnuts - they can burn quickly!

Times based on 400F in my toaster oven:
Nut/Seed Toasty (min) Very Toasty (min)
Filberts (Hazelnuts)58
Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds)710
Sunflower Seeds1012

Don't burn your walnuts!

On a similar note, with the help of my magic bullet it's very easy to make your own nut butter. After toasting them, I just toss them in and pulverize them. If you like the creamy consistency, add a spoon of olive oil. Other tasty additions are a splash of Mount Gay Extra Old Rum and good quality dark chocolate.

Let's use hazelnuts as a simple example:

Toast, rub with a tea towel to remove skins, and pulverize.

It's actually just that simple. I quite like a drier consistency, however I've tried adding olive oil + rum and it works perfectly. For those who want to behave, try apple sauce or roast a banana in your oven (in its skin). The only problem with these options is that it goes bad quickly, so it's seldom used on my end.

Not interested in making your own, but enjoy natural nut butters? Try Kensington's Tutti Frutti:

Freshly ground

I'm obsessed with nut and seed butters. Almond butter. Cashew butter. Tahini. Hazelnut butter. Let's not forget the classic...peanut butter

After much trial and error, I've settled going to Kensington Market's Tutti Frutti for freshly ground peanut butter when I don't feel like grinding my own.. They just pour a bunch of blanched peanuts in their grinder and out comes tasty tasty peanut butter!


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