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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sydney :: P-P-Pie Face

Before my Oz Adventure, my flatmate gave me just one mission: Eat my face off at Pie Face.

Pie Face
Verdict: Go
Meal: Late night pie run
"Eat my face off" is a common expression of mine. It makes no sense, and when used around those unfamiliar with my quirks, it's often received with confusion. A fellow German traveller looked at me quizzically and said "I just slowly translated that in my". Hah.

King's Cross
A popular chain in Australia, they sell pleasant little pies. Literally - they look pleased with themselves!

They look quite tranquil and definitely unaware that you're about to sink your sharp little teeth into their faces. After a good night in King's Cross we popped by the location next to the iconic Coca-Cola Sign and made a few choices. They also sell sandwiches...but who wants a baguette sammy at 3AM when you can have pie?

Lemon, beef, and chicken-mushroom pies were tried. The hot little treats were snarfed with no guilt towards the serene smiles. I never felt guilt from biting gummy bears (head first, of course), so I wasn't about to start with pie! The pies were okay...not too great. I imagine this was like the McDonalds of burgers. Either way, mission accomplished for my roomie.
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daggles said...

what a load of shit.  pie face sucks and your blog sucks

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