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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sydney :: Bangbang Espresso Bar and Cafe

Wanting a last-minute meal before hopping on a plane to my next adventure, I prowled around Central Station and popped into BangBang, intrigued by the Scottish-Welly theme. I really enjoyed Surry Hills - it's vibrant atmosphere is fueled by great cafes, bakeries, and shops. If I ever hop on a plane and move to Sydney, it'd definitely be a candidate!

Right around the corner from Batman Lane
I loved the decor of BangBang - giant headphones on the wall, big fat lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling and stuffed in glass vases, huge open space with wide windows, and an overall upbeat environment. Pretty much my ideal brunch spot.

I was interested in the offerings - English Breakfast, Bangers and Mash, Welsh Rarebit...these were all foreign to me in a foreign country. I settled for the Scottish Breakfast- I know, I know. I'm in Australia, not Scotland. But I have never tried or seen these items in Toronto so why not?
BangBang Espresso Bar & Cafe
Meal: Pre-flight brekkie
Price: $15

Scottish Breakfast
Traditional black pudding, square sliced sausage, tatty scone, 2 fried eggs, and roast tomato

While the idea of black pudding may disturb some, I was intrigued. I am in the minority who like soondae - Korean blood sausage - and I've had clotted blood in bowls Vietnamese soup.

The surprising winner in this were the eggs. This kick-started another obsession while travelling through Oceania. Australia, what do you feed your chickens? More importantly, Canada what are we feeding our chickens?! These yolks were beautiful. In colour. In flavour. Just...omg. If I had to list the food that I miss from this part of the world, eggs are pretty high up there. Delicious, delicious eggs. No salt, no pepper. Just...eggs.

Also - scones. I wasn't expecting to like them as much as I did. The sausage was salty goodness. The texture of the blood pudding is something to get used to, perhaps, but unique in flavour. While I am not about to go searching for a recipe or a place to get it in Toronto, it was tasty I'm glad I tried it.

The best moment? When the delicious egg yolks oozed all over the plate and mingled with the blood sausage and scones...o m g. Overall, this was a pretty good send-off from Sydney. While it doesn't top the Soft Shell Crab Omelette from Cafe Ish, it was still one of the better cafe breakfasts that I had while travelling. Simple yet different and well-executed. Farewell Sydney!

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