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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Melbourne :: Pacific Seafood BBQ House‎

D had been talking about this clay-pot for awhile. Bored with Toronto's Vietnamese offerings, I hopped onto the chance to try something in Richmond, Melbourne's Vietnamese neighbourhood!
Backpack strapped, I trundled my way with D to Pacific Seafood BBQ House. It was quite busy, but they were happy to accommodate a table for 3: Me, D, and my backpack.
I was tempted to order the crocodile - but for $18/plate it didn't seem like a wise decision. I decided to hold off and we ended up ordering the duck.

Yum! Crispy skin, not too fatty, yet very moist and flavourful. The noodles were standard, nothing to get too excited about, but always a good buffer. We also ordered a clay-pot of mushrooms and sea cucumber. The sweet sauce was good - we probably should have ordered some rice to savour it a bit more, but we were bustin' by the end. 

Oh Melbourne, I'll miss your wonderful culture and people dearly. As I rode to the airport, I took in as much of the city that I could, wishing that I had just one more day to roam the alleyways and staring at the wonderful graffiti. Off to the Great Barrier Reef!



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