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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Melbourne :: Longrain

Longrain-1 Longrain-2 Longrain-3
When I landed in Melbourne, I was so excited to see a familiar face. I met G in Toronto awhile back, before she moved to Australia, and once I was heading over I shot her a message. Like most people that I visit while travelling, she decided to plan a fantastic dinner!

Longrain-18 Longrain Melbourne
Verdict: Go! Thai win!
Meal: Dinner
Location: 44 Little Bourke St Melbourne, Australia

Longrain-4 Longrain-6 Longrain-7 Longrain-8 Longrain-5
There was certainly not a shortage of fun cocktails. They were fantastically strong (well…at least the first one was) and with orders like “Lazy Lady Boy”, you really do feel compelled to try one out. For the curious – a lazy lady boy enjoys Cazadores Reposado tequila, apple liqueur, fresh lime, and lychees. Hah! The server came over and told us the recommended ordering protocol and we struggled with the hardest part of the meal: choosing! Ahh…everything sounded so delicious. And it tasted even better!

One of the tastiest dishes was a garfish in a curry sauce. Sounds simple – but check out the beautiful presentation:

Garfish Curry
Dried red curry with wild ginger and holy basil
Longrain-11 Longrain-12
The description is deceptively modest. This was fantastic. I unfortunately forget what the green pod is…we did make a point to ask the server because it was definitely enjoyed with the fish.

The presentation at Longrain was impressive – even the way they organized the endives and the sprouts were done with calculated flair:

I am not sure what “snake beans” are, but along with slivers of green papaya, Thai basil, and a juicy shank this was well-done as usual. Everything was fresh, fresh, and fresh. The endives were a thoughtful finish to the presentation of the dish.

Braised lamb shoulder with ginger Asian celery & chilli
Mmm….wonderfully braised, the lamb was so tender and not riddled with ick-inducing fat hugging the meat. I have learned to be wary when ordering lamb at restaurants – whether the chef properly prepares the lamb and the cut seems to especially matter for lamb.

Pork Belly
With Stir fried squid ginger and XO sauce
Longrain-17The pork was tender with crispy skin and the XO sauce was deliciously sweet. I’ll refrain from using a bad pun about the sauce…but that’s really how I felt.
When do I not feel that way about pork belly? PORK BELLY!!

Bursting with food and rice, we declared this dinner a win and thought we were absolutely stuffed until the dessert menu rolled around….

Bitter chocolate cream
With vanilla tapioca, honeycomb & black rice ice cream
I’m such a sucker for dessert…more so when it’s something that sparks my curiousity. The pieces of honeycomb and toasted slivers of coconut were so great. The vanilla tapioca reminded me of Sukhothai – but everything else pushed it over the top. Yum! What a great way touch base with home before embarking on my Great Ocean Road adventure!

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thang @ noodlies said...

Wow, looks good, I love Sydney Longrain, but haven't tried Melb yet. Though the presentation looks pretty sensational.

Erin said...

I loved it! Such a treat :) Australia does Thai & Malaysian so much better than Canada

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