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Thursday, May 19, 2011

HodoKwaja :: Brown Sugar, Walnuts, & Red Bean Desserts!

Korean Snack Time!

I can't express how much I love these walnut cakes. When I grab a bag of these hot little treats hot out of the press, nothing gives me more pleasure than popping them in my mouth and enjoying the mashed potato filling. I have distant memories when my mother used to drag me to the hairdresser but soothing the situation with these cakes (she was absolutely obsessed with perming my hair - and I still think that I was right to protest). More than a decade later, this little shop still exists and I have run many times to get my fill of Hodo Kwaja!!

Verdict: Go
Meal: Korean Snack Time
Location: 656 Bloor Street West
My only issue: I. HATE. RED. BEAN.
Seriously - I feel that I'm the only Korean girl who does. Everyone loves B-B-BIG popsicles, Red bean ice cream, red bean-filled pastries...ugh. Sometimes my mother would buy a red bean dessert instead from a bakery and I'd absolutely refuse to eat it. I still do. There are some things that I'll never learn to enjoy - and with mashed potato-filled cakes, why would I need to?

No Red bean pleeease!

The worst however, is when I get a large box of mixed cakes and I forget to ask them to separate the red beans. I'm not so selfish that I won't get them when bringing them to friends - not everyone shares this perfectly reasonable hatred. I end up rolling the red-bean most people are aware of my combined hatred of red bean and inability to throw away food, I get my share of jabs. Their brown sugar "pancakes" are great if you have time to have one made fresh to order.

That being said - hodo kwaja (like many things) are best enjoyed hot off the walnut cake press - but it's not always easy to time!

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cat said...

hmm funny just this morning my friend, who is Taiwanese, was enlightening me about her hatred of red bean too.
I related it to my dislike of spaghetti with red sauce. Not hatred because I still eat it when I make it but I can understand where you are coming from.

Erin said...

Ironically, I had red bean today. Had to be polite as a friend bought be dessert. Why have red bean when you can have a fruit?! (no, not the magical kind!)

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