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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Ocean Road :: Nico’s Pizza

GreatOceanRoad-20 GreatOceanRoad-10 GreatOceanRoad-36

We wrapped up the trip with a stop at Anglesea to see kangaroos! Not captive, not really wild…but possibly the most interesting caddies in the world:
GreatOceanRoad-41 GreatOceanRoad-16 GreatOceanRoad-25

We had a quick bite in Port Campbell – not terribly exciting, but just a simple pizza each. I wouldn’t go out of your way to try Nico’s pizza, but I wouldn't say that it was terrible at all. Pricey, but that's expected for the area.

Nicos Nicos (2)
They are open late, however, which is quite useful for a post sunset meal.

Overall, the Great Ocean Road is a fantastic road trip that I would do again in a heartbeat. Where else can you drive along a beautiful coast, stop to smell eucalyptus, see prehistoric tree species, spot (and hear!) koalas from the tree tops, watch kangaroos hop around golf courses, and…well I could keep going!
We returned to Melbourne to continue our Australian journeys – separately. While he finished his time in Melbourne with plans to head to New Zealand, I decided to start thinking of my next steps. The dilemma? Where to go next!

I was stuck deciding between flying up north to the Great Barrier Reef or making my way up to Uluru & Alice Springs. Time did not allow for either – so it was coral vs. the outback.

The pleasures of difficult decisions :-) Nico's Pizza & Pasta on Urbanspoon


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