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Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Ocean Road :: La Bimba

animalsigns animalsigns-1 animalsigns-2
Animal Sign Addiction
Oh how I loved this part of my trip. The animals, the breathtaking views, the smells. The simple pleasure of stepping out of the car to just breathe in the eucalyptus trees was amazing. Just. Amazing.
How did I plan this trip? Well. After a kayak trip in Sydney, I sat across a guy from the Netherlands. The conversation went something like this:
“I want to see koalas”
“Me too! I heard that you can see them along the Great Ocean Rd. in Melbourne”
“Let’s do it!!”
LaBimba-2 La Bimba
Verdict: Trumpeter yes, Kangaroo burger no
Meal: Road Trippin’
03/125 Great Ocean Rd Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Australia
We high-fived and weeks later, we were reunited in Melbourne and embarked on an adventure!

GreatOceanRoad-7 GreatOceanRoad-8 GreatOceanRoad-9
GreatOceanRoad-32We spotted koalas along Grey River Road, and limestone stacks seemed were sprouting all along the coast line…such a beautiful drive. Interestingly, Google actually did a street view of the ride...I highly encourage you to check it out! It wont do it justice, but still worth a peek.

The colours were fantastic and we were so excited!

Random animals were spotted everywhere. We saw kangaroos, koalas, parrots, and some less exotic ones like a mule and a few cows. The cow was not impressed with our cookie offering.
GreatOceanRoad-34 GreatOceanRoad-33 GreatOceanRoad-27

My friend had one mission. No, it was not to see the Twelve Apostles. It was not his helicopter trip (!!!) around the coast line. Not to spot koalas or swim in the ocean. It was to eat Kangaroo! So we popped around the little towns and stumbled across La Bimba:
LaBimba-7As speculated, the burger does not give the kangaroo justice (other than the obvious om nom nom)

It lost the wonderfully gamey flavour that I experienced at The Aviary. Beh. Sorry F.

Nonetheless, he enjoyed it as it was a decent rendition of a burger in general – but I opted for a deep sea Tasmanian fish, Trumpeter, as I was very curious. It was so nice – sweet, flakey…a nice change from all the Barramundi I've been eating (not complaining about that!)


From here, ice creams in hand, we popped back into the car and drove on…and on..and on…feeling a little nervous about the clouds that were rolling in.

GreatOceanRoad-30 GreatOceanRoad-31 GreatOceanRoad-28

With the ocean on one side, and rolling hills on the other (see below - although the horse looks lonely!) – this was definitely shaping up to be a great road trip! I actually loved it - I was away from the city and loving the fresh air, ocean views, and the smells that surrounded us.

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