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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cantanhede O Bairradino :: Portuguese Chicken

Massive Portuguese Portions

It's really a shame that Cantanhede is so far away from the university campus - with the massive portions, it would cater quite well to hungry students. Like me! Cantanhede offers more than egg tarts - you can feast on massive portions of chicken, potatoes, and rice. Can't get much more basic than that!

Cantanhede O Bairradino
Verdict: Go for an inexpensive and massive dinner
Meal: Dinner
Price: $10-ish
Location: 662 Lansdowne Ave

We got there relatively early - around 5PM - and there was already a line up growing towards the door. We ordered chicken, rice, and potatoes.

The churrasco chicken was fresh, juicy, and - get this- a whole chicken only costs $10. Non-gourmet food for certainly non-gourmet prices.
It's on the greasy side, but when served in a styrofoam clam shell...who cares? Just chow down! We also ordered parisienne potatoes and rice. Potatoes yes...rice no.

We got the piri piri sauce - extra hot - yummmmy - with fish. Decent.
Overalll, this is a great hot table for quick take out or, if you're lucky, dine-in on one of the few tables in the joint. Quick, simple, tasty, cheap - the massive portion will probably last you for a couple least!

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