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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a very personal Tuesday

I've always been busy. Busy busy busy. Whether I'm racing against myself around the city, trying to pound out my project work, haphazardly running on the soccer field, searching for a new dish to try, organizing socials in an attempt to stay in touch with wonderful friends, tumbling down a hill while strapped to a snowboard, or trying my hand at a new community care project...if you ask me what I'm doing on any given day I'll probably have a list that I'm cranking through. Fortunately, it's usually with a smile :-) homemade ddukboki
Cookies & Tomatoes has been quite fun. After years of posting food pictures online, requests for restaurant recommendations became ubiquitous. While welcome, it seemed more and more obvious that I should document thoughts on a structured manner. "You're such an engineer" my friends teased when I spoke of the structure and efficiency this blog would bring.

I loved sharing and equally love it when others share with me. Food is such an accessible topic - so, as the Acorn Squash muses, "Why not?"

However, one of the most rewarding things are comments like "I used it to find a last-minute restaurant for our first anniversary and she loved it!" or "I never would have tried a horse sammy if it wasn't for you!". Honestly, nothing brightens my day more than those little notes in my inbox.

Missing Japanese train station bento boxes
While most were aware of my liking for food and posting pictures, which really exploded on my first big trip to Asia in 2008, my close friends knew that it was simply an extension of my love for doing anything and everything. I run (I was so proud when I hit 21km last November). I play soccer. I CouchSurf. I paddle dragonboats. I carry canoes across trails. I volunteer at shelters. I have been known to hit softballs, smack lacrosse sticks, and flee from badminton birdies (I can't explain the last one - I know they don't hurt but I still cower in fear). I help build houses. Once in awhile, I will drop everything and hop on an airplane. I try to stay in touch with my community via social networking and volunteerism. Now I'm facing two new challenges: finding a general direction  and pulling myself out of The Rut.

Great Wall of China
The Rut. "How are you not fat?" was a question that I was tired of hearing over the past few years. So I'll just lay it out here now: I'm struggling. After travelling for so long, a lack of intense daily activity, and a horrible loss of restriction against overeating I have put on a few. More than a few. Let's just say quite a few. While I am still not fat, I simply feel unhealthy - and it's getting worse. I am not sure why, but my rock-steady philosophy of "Indulge when you want to, but be very disciplined otherwise" shot out of the window in early November. Some eyebrows have been raised, and while I understand, general comments like "aw, you'll get back to it" were not motivating - because I was not convinced.

Hopping around Tokyo
I stopped running, kicking soccer balls, and climbing walls and turned to absent-mindedly eating massive quantities of junk - as in  jars of peanut butter and vending machine crap - at an alarming rate. I can't explain why - I've always been quite moderate but damning evidence shows that I no longer hold that mentality. I can blame it on stress or other external factors - but really, it's time to stfu and get back where I was in September: happy, healthy, and focused. Last summer, my physician actually used the words "spectacular" and "amazing" when reviewing my blood test - here's hoping that I can get back to that state. That being said - I know better than to go crazy and restrict myself. It will be a slow but sure process. I don't need to be thin, I just want to feel healthy and able to run like I used to. Why am I putting this out in public on a food blog? Accountability.

Durian - brilliantly bringing a group together... a collective haze of disgust

So. In that spirit, I signed up for the CN Tower Climb  - if you would like to support WWF you may donate here, or better yet, sign yourself up! I am also planning to run a race or two this summer - I can no longer run 5km, let alone 10km, but I have to start somewhere, right? Right.

After some prodding from friends, I started a Facebook page - to be honest, I'm not entirely clear what it's supposed to do, because this is just a platform for sharing and an occasional venue for spilling random thoughts...but here it is!

Happy Tuesday.


Mers said...

aw... after all your adventures, a rut is bound to happen. try to appreciate the simplicities of life. a blob of peanut butter may be boring, but it's rich taste and natural creamy texture are delightful.
i did the cn tower climb and it took my lungs out for 3 days following the climb. maybe cos i did it in the fall, but still! check my review on it on yelp and you'll see what happened.

Div said...

the best of us get in a rut sometimes ... but reading this post actually inspires me to be more active ... walk around more, if not run ... and just be more willing to try out more things :D

Chris ( said...

Aw Erin I love this!! As a fellow foodie and fitness advocate, I agree with your philosophy wholeheartedly. We eat hard, but work out harder. Stay active and keep eating, my dear friend. <3 Welcome back to Tdot.. until our next meal together!!

Erin said...

you guys are great :)
I went running this Saturday and the CN Tower climb is this weekend! w00t w00t!

Chris ( said...

Aw Erin I love this!! As a fellow foodie and fitness advocate, I agree with your philosophy wholeheartedly. We eat hard, but work out harder. Stay active and keep eating, my dear friend. <3 Welcome back to Tdot.. until our next meal together!!

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