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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sydney :: Street Eats

Wassup Sydney!

I'm such a boring tourist. I am not a fan of zoos, aquariums, or even museums unless if they hold strong cultural importance for that region/country. I usually end up walking aimlessly around cities and people-watching. 

Sydney Harbour was perfect for that - I wandered in and out of buildings, watched a somewhat creepy performance of a man dancing with a mannequin, and was nerdily interested in an exhibit that featured fake coral.My friend saw a little thumbnail of this picture and I love his comment: ""Fried Cheese on a grill top!?" Then I zoomed in. Coral is great too."! haha

After a long day of wandering the Harbour, I ended up at The Rocks - as it was a Friday there was a night market! Crazy line ups for latkes, pancakes, grilled seafood, galore! I was on my way to meet someone, so I hopped around "just to see"...but couldn't resist the temptation to try a spinach-cheese-mirtabak-type of snack. Yum.

Love food fests!
I met S at Meet Fresh where she introduced me to Taiwanese dessert. Red beans and grass jelly...mmm. I've had shaved ice before, but nothing as authentic as this!

Sydney's Chinatown is completely different from Toronto's - it was reminiscent of Hong Kong - from the hustle-bustle vibe, the look and feel of the shops with the signs hanging out in the street, and the people. We hopped over to a kBBQ joint to meet K, another local, before wandering the streets again. Ventured into the Chinatown Market where I eat something that was just labelled "BBQ Meat". "Try it - it's good! I swear!" S insisted. Aight. It was like very sweet, thick, moist jerky. I wolfed the rest down on the subway back to King's Cross...
Sweet & chewy sheets of beef jerky

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Susan said...

Wonderful blog and the pictures make me hungry :) funny seeing the tango couple here, made me do a double take! Wish you're here for the amazing race, you can do all the food challenges ;)

Erin said...

I wish I was there too!! Post pictures of your race :D

Erin said...

I wish I was there too!! Post pictures of your race :D

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