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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sydney :: Mano Espresso, Glebe

Wandering - my favourite thing to do when travelling in a new city. I really love it when I just get outside and just...walk. Preferably without a map - just me and a pair of headphones. I wandered through Hyde Park (Kind of the equivalent of Toronto's Queens Park) and peeked in St. Mary's Cathedral which, along with many other buildings, have a historical European feel but since Sydney is quite young...they must have been inspired by the history rather than built during that era. After wandering around this area, I took Minh's advice and wandered over to Glebe and Newtown where I looked at boutiques, bookstores, and random shops filled with knicknacks.

Mano Espresso
Verdict: Free wifi :-) Great for a break from random wanderings

After a lot of exploring, I wanted a break so I popped into Mano Espresso to take advantage of their free wifi. I ordered a piccolo latte and after eyeing the treats in the glass I couldn't resist ordering an orange-hazelnut friande. hazelnut friande. The glazed cake was moist and citrussy - the hazelnut flavour wasn't really present, but there were slivers on top along with a sticky marmalade-like glaze. I recently started making my own hazelnut butter - and upon roasting, it has an intense flavour, which I think that this friande could benefit from.

As with most lattes, it came with pretty art - I know that it's standard but I wish the piccolo was served in a mug or a glass with handles. Hot beverages ought to arrive with handles for the accident prone! I was extra careful.

A little more "yuppie" but still very friendly. I spotted more thick-frames and hipster shirts here than anywhere else in Sydney. Love.

Toronto vs. Sydney
I've decided that you can't really make a direct comparison between Sydney and Toronto unless if you include the entire GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Sydney's downtown core (so their George Street-ish area) is akin to ours, complete with an oval-shaped park with statues littered about (Toronto's Queens Park). Similarly, Glebe is like our Leslieville - little cafes and shops, not too far from the downtown core but far enough. Surry Hills is a mixture of King St. West, Yorkville, and a bit of Dundas West - modern shops and cafes. And The Annex will remind Sydney-ites of Newtown and Glebe. All, admittedly, on a smaller scale, but if you want a comparison...that was my humble, first-pass. I spotted a Zanzibar in Newtown, however it is completely different than Toronto. They both serve food, but let's just say that Sydney's version is a little less...x-rated ;)

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