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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sydney :: Lindt Chocolat Cafe

Mmm...I am so addicted to Lindt Chili Chocolate and Dark Chocolate & Toasted Hazelnut bars that discovering that there are Lindt Cafes made me giddy with FKP*-joy!
*Fat Kid Personality

Lindt Chocolat Cafe
Verdict: Go!
Meal: Gorging with Minh #2
Location: Shop 104 -105, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney, Australia
Cockle Bay

The Day of Epic Eating with Minh continued with a visit to Lindt. My head near exploded.

We ordered a chocolate fudge sundae - and what better way to wash it down than an iced mocha?!

My chocolate-addiction was definitely tickled, but according to Minh, the cakes are the best. I decided to say no to diabetes (for once), and we headed out to wander around the city a bit more....

Giant Chocolate Lindt balls! Sweet, chocolatey...No news if they are also salty.

It was trippy to see Christmas trees littered around the city when it was so warm and sunny. It's one thing to see a lit-up tree made out of bicycles, but there were also full-blown faux Douglas Fir trees...and much sympathy for anyone donning Santa Clause outfits in the hot, sunny weather!

Holy Hot Christmas, Batman!
The bottom left picture seems a bit off - click on it! It's actually a giant tree stuffed through all floors in the Queen Victoria Building. It's funny what I remember when I travel - things like this are really highlights of my trip. I refuse to go see sharks in an aquarium...but a tree shoved through a shopping centre? Awesome! I'm such a dork. Thanks Minh :-) The picture on the bottom right was taken as it reminded me of Toronto - there weren't so many buildings like this around Oceania. This is when I started to realize that Toronto has it's own little quirks that I never noticed.

So the following makes me feel a bit silly. We went to Sweeney's Thai and Continental Foods for an eating-marathon break and had cider. Yum! Why am I a dork? Because subsequent to this visit, I ordered Tootheys for a few weeks after before someone corrected me. Eff. This is really just Stage 1 of Erin-Butchers-Australian-Names. I also told someone that I went to a pub called Sweeney Todd but I think that's a little more forgiveable!

1. Look left when jaywalking
2. Tomato sauce = ketchup. Do not squeeze it all over your face.

3. A flat white is foamy milk, espresso, and cute coffee art
4. I can't resist street food...ever
5. I can't afford mangoes
6. Delicious and fresh hand-pulled noodles exist outside of Hong Kong
7. Tooheys beer ≠ Tootheys

Lindt Chocolat Cafe on UrbanspoonSweeney's Thai and Continental Food on Urbanspoon


Div said...

OMG there is less than a month left till my Australia trip ... I can't wait !!!
I am going to make a huge spread sheet outta all your food blogs so that we can go check out everything in Sydney

Erin said...

LOL Div, I love you. Check out my Food Maps > Australia page that will help you.

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